It's the community, stupid

Thanks for all the replies from last week!

A few things we're going to work on here at Fringe, based on your feedback:
  • Producing more features on boxes and garage gyms
  • Producing better pictures, descriptions, and videos for our products
  • Providing more community, for both box owners and for garage gymmers.
And a couple of quick hits before we get into the meat of the email:

Onto the main stuff.

Fringe Sport is working with NerdFitness to outfit their Camp NF in the foothills of the Appalachians. Check out NerdFitness is you haven't already- it's great stuff.

NerdFitness is amazing, and camp is phenomenal. Of course, the location doesn't hurt- nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians. Here's a taste:

I was walking through Camp yesterday and talking with Niki, a Fringer. She mentioned that people from the NerdFitness community are REALLY into it.

Granted, we are at CAMP NerdFitness, so these are the hardcore of the hardcore. But still, a few of them had life-changing experiences as a result of the community- a number of them had gotten married, lost weight, gotten healthier, quit (dead-end) jobs, etc.

So, another favor.

What movements/communities have changed your life, and how? Can you jot me a quick email at I want to know.

Until next time,


PS. Do check out our basic garage gym package. It's pretty sweet, and that sale won't last forever.

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