Let's Meet Neil Roberts - What Is His Least Used Equipment? Find Out Inside!

What’s Your Name?

Neil Roberts

Do you have a name for your gym?

Anfield Barbell Club

Tell us a little about yourself - what you do when you aren’t lifting, what are your other hobbies, etc.

I enjoy reading and I’m obsessed with movies. I love podcasts and tend to go on really long walks to enjoy them. Collecting bourbon has accidentally grown into a hobby.

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What gear do you have in your gym?

Our basement can be a little cold in the winter so right now, some joggers and a hoodie until I’m warmed up. I wear my lifters most of the time but if I’m just doing accessory work, a pair of trainers will do.

When did you become part of the Fringe Fam? What was your first Fringe purchase?

My first Fringe purchase was the wonder bar in 2020.  We were living in an apartment but wanted to train during quarantine. So I borrowed some plates from our barbell club, bought the wonder bar and some drop pads…. and every morning we would load up all of this onto a cart to bring downstairs in an elevator to load into a Prius. We would then take the Prius, which held up surprisingly well during all of this, to a near by elementary school parking lot to train! That bar has held up wonderfully. Since we moved to our house we have got the garage gym squat rack w/ pull up bar, plates and dumb bells for our new house.

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What’s your favorite gear that you use all the time?

The wonder bar, for sure. Also our rower. I use the rower 4 days a week.

What gear do you never use?

I rarely use the exercise bike that my wife purchased. But its been nice to use as a cool down occasionally.

Fringe Sport Garage Gym Feature Neil Roberts C

What was your best gear purchase?

Gym series squat rack w/ pull up bar!

What gear purchase do you wish you would have said “NO” to?

Some cheaper playground style mats we used for dropping in the parking lots. They just fell apart and crumbled after a while.

What’s your favorite workout?

I love a barbell complex. Rowing has been something I’ve been doing with more consistency though.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Righty Tighty. Lefty Loosey

What advice would you give to newbie garage gymmers?

Figure out what works best for your space first.


We appreciate Neil sharing his garage gym - and that advice is honestly some of the best I've heard.  I mean, how else would you be able to put together one of our squat racks or benches without knowing that?!?

If you want to have your garage gym featured on one of our blogs and emails, just check out this link, send over your info and say "Feature My Garage Gym And Make Me A Star!"

And, as always, Lift Heavy Lift Happy!

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