Feature My Garage Gym And Make Me A Star!

Do you love your garage gym?

Do you take everyone on the 10 cent - or 10 dollar - tour every single time they darken the door of your home?

Do you brag on your latest and greatest piece of gear to get your gains?

Then we are looking to make you a STAR!!

That's right - Fringe Sport wants to feature your garage gym on our "Garage Gym Of The Week" email.


You've probably seen them - here at Fringe Sport, we share the garage gyms of other Fringe Fam members on our blog and then send out an email so everyone can see.

It's like the Garage Gym Revolution version of "House Hunters"!!!

We have featured gyms like The Dawg Pound  and we also featured The Pizza Palace - and these are both some of our super Fringe Fam folks!

So we want to feature YOU as our next Garage Gym Star!

Just fill out this form  (or you can try this one too!) and answer the questions for us.  Then send the form back to our Superheroes at team@fringesport.com.   When you send it back, you can send pictures of your gym, your gear, your family, your dog, your ferret - and anything else you want to share!

So grab your camera and a pencil and send us your info - because we want to see your pain cave, your happy place, your gear garage or even your laundry lift space - wherever you lift, we want you to share it.

Of course, if you have questions, you can hit us up at the email above, give a shout at (512) 201-4404 or connect with our superheroes on chat.

As always, don't forget to Lift Heavy, Lift Happy!