Let's talk about our Bomba Bar

Brothers and Sisters of Iron and Garage Gym Revolutioners alike… we’re talking about the Bomba Bar. You’re going to want one of your own by the end of this. Trust us.

Why do we love this barbell so much, you ask? Read on, dear Fringe Fam.

Made from steel sourced from Alabama and crafted in the US, this Bomba Bar is the epitome of American made. A strong, smooth, quality barbell is what you’ll get with your own Bomba Bar, not to mention superior gains in both Oly and Garage Gym WODs. Who doesn’t want that?

The Bomba Bar is a beautiful, sleek black zinc bushing beauty and boasts a 2,200lb weight capacity and 206,000 tensile strength… a bit of an “American-made modern excalibur,” if you will. Whether you use this barbell to fight against gravity or slay your own demons… that’s up to you. We think you can do both.

Covered against a full lifetime against bending and breaking, you can count on our Bomba Bar to get through the hardest work with you. Convinced you need one of our Bombas yet?

How about this...

Both the 15kg and 20kg Bomba Bars are beautifully knurled all the way to the collars (without the center… that’s smooth as heck), with the perfect softness between “too soft” and “cheese grater” with a moderate whip (as opposed to a stiffer whip), making it perfect for Olympic lifting, Garage Gym WODs, and powerlifting all the same. This also means the Bomba Bar is great for intermediate lifters looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ to up their level of workouts and technique.

Those data points scream “PR CITY BABY,” don’t they? We sure think so. Whether it’s a PR in the gym or your lifts or against gravity, they’re all wins. That’s what the Bomba Bar helps you do as an excalibur against gravity, the hard stuff, and everything in between. The Bomba Bar is a "win" for garage gyms everywhere.

Add some bumpers (like our black or MilSpec plates) to this garage gym hero of a barbell, and you're good to go. Throw some weights around, get sweaty, get swole.

Better yet, check out our Bomba bar packages.

Have questions about this black beauty, or our other barbells or bumpers? Get in touch with us! There's nothing we love more than talking about our goods.

Do you love your Bomba bar? Let us know in the comments below! Tell us a Bomba bar story - a win, a PR, a favorite workout... any and all wins are welcome.

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