Ouch! My shins!

Plyometrics are awesome.

Of course, the most-used plyo exercises in WODing are box jumps.

But there are a few problems with box jumps.
Shin injuries due to missing a jump.
Achilles injuries (shhhh)

There's not a lot we can do about the achilles (note: you may not want to rebound unless the Games are on the line)!

But on the shin injuries, we're on it!

If you have not, check out our line of flat-pack plyo boxes and foam plyos.

For the ultimate in safe plyo jumps, check out the foam plyo boxes- we construct these of a high density closed cell foam for the ultimate in stability, but also for the ultimate in safety- it is basically impossible to injure your (or your client's) shins on these. They even come in two sizes, a smaller 16x20x24" and a large 20x24x30.

If you're more traditional, look to our flat-pack plyos. Among many other features, we rout the edges to create a smooth transition from the horizontal to vertical edges- save your shins!

And as always, send us pics!



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