The Capital Gainz Tax Sale April 10-17!!!

The Capital Gainz Tax Sale is now in session to give you relief from tax season!

Tax season sucks, and that means Uncle Sam is taking...

but Fringe Sport is giving you a break starting April 10 through April 17!!!

A full 8 days of sales, discounts, lightning deals and doorbusters.

Capital Gainze Tax Sale creative

Tax season doesn't have to mean you're in the red or that your wallet looks like this:

john travolta empty wallet gif

cap·i·tal(noun): ˈkapədl/: a valuable resource of a particular kind.

gainz (noun): An urban derivative of the word "gains", referring to additional muscle mass acquired through lifting weights.

Spring is here and we want to lift your savings and help maximize those gainz!

Capital Gainz at Texas State Capital

CeraColt + Texas state capitol = GAINZ

The 2019 Capital Gainz Tax Sale will work similar to our Swolestice Sale.

Take advantage of these prices and strengthen your finances!

Muscle up to storewide savings with everything at least 5% off and select items up to 50% off.

show me the money gif

During that time we’ll feature Lightning Deals every weekday and have major discounts across collections.

All deals have limited quantities, so act fast before they’re gone!

We'll also be offering mystery boxes for the first time so keep an eye out for those.

For locals our irresistible Doorbuster Deals await you on Saturday and Sunday (4/13 - 4/14).

If you don’t know the drill already our exclusive Doorbuster Deals appear in-store ONLY with extremely limited quantities.

We’ll email everyone before Lightning Deals go live starting tomorrow morning and locals will get Doorbuster emails before the weekend.

Be sure to check your inbox daily and if you follow us on social media, turn on your push notifications to stay up to date too!  

"Look deeply into the Captial Gainz savings."

Here's to capitalizing your gainz!

Capital Gainz Tax Sale   

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