Don't Get Outgunned! The CeraColt men's cerakote barbell is here!

Hear ye, hear ye, we have a MAJOR announcement for you Fringe Nation.

Look at our new tools of the trade:

cerakote barbell

We ask you...

Today, 3/26/19, we are greatly pleased to debut The CeraColt.

The CeraColt is our 20 kg men's cerakote barbell inspired by the "gun that won the West"- the Colt .45. 

Available in hunter orange and olive drab:

men's orange cerakote barbell

man holding cerakote barbell

The CeraColt sports an improved cerakote finish, better spin and Fringe Sport branding on the center of the shaft. You gonna be a real cowboy now. 

This will be you the next time you walk into your garage gym with your CeraColt.

Colt .45 blueprint

How can you go wrong with this patent design? Well, there was one hiccup.

The Colt .45 almost always fired 5 shots. Why?

Because if the gun had 6 chambered you ran the risk of the firing pin getting hit or jostled, and firing one off in your holster or worse yet, in your belt. 

Here's the story behind the inspiration for our new garage gym toy.

If this doesn't have your heart galloping and your palms sweaty with excitement, you must have the wrong hobby. 

For the rest of you, have a look at our brand spankin new CeraColt barbell right here and read all about it so you can add it to your arsenal at home.

Be heads up for the next few weeks Fringe Nation. 

We have another 3 HUGE announcements coming down the pipeline. 

We'll be debuting 2 more new products. (Please forgive us if we "shaft" you again.)

Also we have a special announcement coming soon that will benefit all of you. 

Don't forget we'll be at Paleo FX here in Austin in about a month and after that, we'll be at TFX here in Austin in May. 

Super exciting spring with tons o stuff poppin off!








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