To Each and Every Mom Who Lifts- You da Bomb!

We love our wives, moms and grandmothers here at Fringe Sport, especially every mom who lifts, so we wish you all a very happy and relaxing mother's day.

mom who lifts 

Moms endure an immense amount of societal pressure. 

They're urged to always look dinner party beautiful.

They're expected to work jobs that lead to abundant success.

They're relied upon to take care of the kids while not neglecting their job.

They're leaned on to cook, clean and do laundry.

They're obliged to look after their elderly parents.

They're obligated to make healthy contributions to their 401k.

They can't miss the mortgage payment. 

The list goes on and on and on.

Moms nowadays don't have an easy go of it at all.

And yet, some moms voluntarily decide to put themselves under more pressure and lift on a regular basis. 

To all of you, we salute and celebrate you. 

mom who lifts

With so many expectations placed on moms, seeing them lift only offers a narrow glimpse of the depth and breadth of their strength.

Sometimes, under incomprehensible duress, moms perform extraordinary feats of strength.

You've probably heard of hysterical strength. Tales of hysterical strength find many women among them.

But have you heard the true stories?

Moms have lifted entire cars off their sons and fought off 7-foot polar bears with their bare hands to protect their children. 

wonder woman lifting car

Ladies and moms, you may not lift to be prepared to save lives in adrenalized, heroic moments, but there are still plenty of other reasons to lift.

This article is geared toward expecting moms and explains the benefits of lifting while pregnant.

Check out this quick-hitting list of strength training benefits for women and moms that covers everything from battling sarcopenia to stress relief.

Finally, this piece lays out the advantages lifting provides you in regards to your children.

If you're still not convinced and need proof and evidence of moms who lift, take a look at the Instagram called Moms Who Lift.

mom who lifts

Fringe hopes you all have an amazing mother's day with your loved ones and perhaps give yourself a day off from the gym.

Go ahead and let yourself be decadent.

To help show our appreciation, we're running a "strong mamas" promo and discount. 

Jump over here to read all about it and get the details for this special deal.

We hope that this small token of appreciation conveys how much we love all the strong mamas out there. 

We'd love to see more of the strong mamas and/or hear from you. 

Please feel free to show and/or tell us what makes you a strong mama in the comments below.

Who needs superheroes when we have moms?

Have a happy mother's day, enjoy your day and lift yourselves beyond the ordinary!

mom who lifts


No matter your journey, your strength began with Mom! To celebrate Mother's Day, we decided to ask our moms a few questions... See what they had to say below.


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