What to Do with a Broken Kettlebell

Wellness, strength, and fitness aren’t always pretty.

Sure, the end results are often a beautiful thing. But getting there can be a whole different story altogether.

Pushing yourself in the weight room, for instance, can involve some sweat, tears, and some ugly grunts along the way.

Also, when you’re working incredibly hard with weights, you might end up taking more risks, and therefore, experiencing potential mishaps.

For instance, there are athletes and fitness enthusiasts out there who juggle or throw kettlebells around with tremendous intensity. They get tired, lose concentration, and lose grip of the weight, allowing it to crash to the ground.

Now, kettlebells are sturdy and can handle a considerably forceful impact. But everything has a breaking point – and landing on hard concrete with such impact can snap the handle right off.

So, on the rare occasion where your kettlebell handle does break, does that mean it’s no longer of any use to you?

Getting the Most Out of Your Broken Kettlebell

You spent money on your kettlebell. It’s been with you through some tough workouts, and it’s a primary part of your home gym.

Are you going to turn your back on your trusty kettlebell just because you happened to drop it on the ground during a particularly intense swing?

As was discussed already, working out isn’t always pretty. That extends to the equipment used. A broken handle doesn’t mean a kettlebell is suddenly useless. It’s just a little bit banged up.

Of course, there’s a way to salvage what remains. After all, you still have the entirety of the weight to work with.

Sure, you can no longer do kettlebell snatches, swings, or cleans—and might have to purchase a replacement for those exercises.

Still, you can extract the most value from your fallen kettlebell by being a little bit creative and incorporating it into new workouts.

First and foremost, you need to grind off the remaining handle. Then you can use it for burden runs, for instance.

Furthermore, you can use something of a strongman style approach with your broken kettlebell. Think about those competitions and how they incorporate some of the strangest, most awkward lifts into events. The kettlebell could potentially mimic a miniature atlas stone, of sorts.

Really, the options are endless. You just have to use your imagination while ensuring that you’re being safe and smart.

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