Why Should I Buy Color Bumper Plates?

Colored bumper plates look cool and are one of the first steps in making you feel and look like an elite-level athlete. Who doesn’t want that? Other than looking awesome in your garage or home gym, our color bumper plate pairs and sets have other great benefits as well. We're all about making you feel and look like the athlete you are, but there are some other great reasons to buy color bumper plates (PLUS, our pairs and sets are on sale this week only!)

Color Matches Kilogram Plates for Easy Conversion


You may or may not already know that typical weightlifting plates, whether bumper plates or iron, come in certain colors depending on how much they weigh across the weightlifting and powerlifting industry.


Let’s break them down:

25 kg/55.1 lb plates are red

20 kg/44 lb plates are blue (45lbs)

15 kg/33 lb plates are yellow (35lbs)

10 kg/22 lb plates are green (25lbs)

5 kg/11 lb plates are white (or in our case, our 10lb plates are grey with white writing)

This is standard across both Powerlifting and Weightlifting industries, and although it might not seem hugely important, this is a great tidbit to know. Matching plate colors makes it much easier to convert from kilograms to pounds and back, with a few pounds difference as our color bumper plates (and the rest of them on our site) round up or down to 55lbs, 45lbs, 35lbs, 25lbs, and 10lbs.

Properly Load Your Barbell


There’s nothing more annoying than miscounting the weight on your bar, right? 

Our color bumper plates are color coded for that reason, and they lower the likelihood of miscounting happening ever again to almost nothing so you can throw your plates on, know what you’re loading without having to move and slide and recount your plates (like we’ve all experienced with plain black plates), and get to work.

Count Your Gainz Easily


Now that we’ve covered the colors and weights of our color bumper plates above, you easily get those colors on lock and properly load your barbell with ease. Then, you’ll be well on your way to feeling and training like an elite-level powerlifter or weightlifter.

Because the colors match the industry standard, you’ll be able to workout and lift in your own gym, know which color plates you need to get on your bar, and do the same in other environments that use color plates. Plus, we’ve found that using the color plates often helps you get the weights of each plate down instead of guessing which you need to use on your bar and having to load, reload, and guess.

Get a Great Set of Durable, Beautiful, Long-Lasting Plates

Our color bumper plate sets and pairs are perfect for any home, garage, or community gym no matter the type of lifting you're doing. If you want an extremely durable, colorful, cool set of plates that make your life easier and more convertible across other workout environments, our color plates are the ones for you.

Let us know if you have questions about the best plates for you, our color bumper plates, or how to find the amount of bumper plates you should invest in for your strength journey.

As always, lift heavy color plates, lift happy :)

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