WOD of the Week: 4 Rounds w/ Heavy Stones

This week's workout is from @a_parra392 - he tagged us on his Instagram post doing some heavy stone work. We adjusted some of the numbers to fit, but you can see his original numbers in his Instagram post below.

a_parra392 Little slow burner today after doing some #adulting It’s probably best to do stone work with a shirt on but Four Rounds -Db Thrusters 25# -100 single unders unbroken -10 slamballs 50#. -95, 115 & 130# stone relays 100’ *Drop the stone, do it again. #era3 #squintsapparel #forgedclothing#roguefitness #fringesport #atlasstones#crossfit #strongman #garagegym
What You'll Need
The Workout
  • 10 Dumbbell Thrusters 25lb
  • 100 single unders unbroken
  • 10 50lb Slam Balls
  • 50, 80, 100, 150 lb Stone Relays - 100 ft

*Drop the Stone do it again.

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