Slam Balls


Slam Balls

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By: Fringe Sport

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Why Use OneFitWonder Slam Balls In Your Workouts

Bring a dead bounce slam to your workout with our Slam Ball or "D-Ball". Similar to a traditional medicine ball, it's weighted but with a textured rubber exterior for better grip. Medicine ball slams are full body movements that are great for conditioning.

  • These slammer balls have a dead bounce, so you don't get a big rebound- this forces you to catch the slam while in a full squat position.
  • Unlike other med balls that lose their shape or crack under repeated slams, this slam ball was designed from the ground up for one movement - the slam!
  • Textured rubber makes it easy to grip, even with sweaty hands.
  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns.

These slam balls are backed by our No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee - plus a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Use them and love them- or send them back free!

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Quantity: 1 - Slam Ball by Fringe Sport
  • Weight: 10-150 pounds
  • Material: Rubber filled with sand
  • Color: Grey
  • Warranty: 1 Year

See Our Slam Balls in Action

SLAM BALL WORKOUT: Slam Balls for Time


  • Ground to Shoulder
  • 10lb to 150lb Slam Balls
  • Hips DO NOT need to extend

Top 5 Slam Ball Movements To Take Your Training To The Next Level

Heavy, awkward, and multi-purpose, Slam Balls are great for taking your “real world” strength and conditioning to the next level. Here’s our list of the top 5 exercises we do with slam balls.

Slams: As the name suggest, this is the classic move done with Slam Balls. With a flat back, pick the ball up off the ground and bring it over your head in one fluid motion. Once it reaches it’s peak, slam it down to the ground and then repeat again, and again, and again!

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Here Are More Exercises with Slam Balls

Here is a customer submitted WOD ("Workout of the Day"). The recommended weights (RX weight) is 100lb for males and 60lb for females: 8 Minute Slam Ball / Pushup AMRAP

Here's another workout that our team put together. It includes both a slam ball and medicine ball, but you can easily switch out the medicine ball in this workout to use a slam ball instead: 10 Minute Boot Camp Workout

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