Bar + Color Competition Bumper Sets


Bar + Color Competition Bumper Sets

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Fringe Sport Olympic Weightlifting Bar and Bumper Set

We developed our own brand of durable and affordable weightlifting bars and competition bumper plates. The Fringe Sport Oly barbells provide great spin for Olympic lifting and the color plates with white labeling make it easy to read and switch out weight. These bumpers can withstand the test of time and have a dead bounce. We have three plate sets available but if you want to customize your own shoot us an email or phone call to get a different combination!

Package Contents

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210lb Set
300lb Set
310lb Set

210lb Set

300lb Set

320lb Set

Fringe Sport Color Competition Plates 1 Pair 25lb
1 Pair 35lb
1 Pair 45lb
1 Pair 25lb
1 Pair 35lb
2 Pair 45lb
1 Pair 25lb
1 Pair 35lb
1 Pair 45lb
1 Pair 55lb
Fringe Sport Olympic Barbell

Fringe Sport 20kg Barbell (Men)

or Fringe Sport 15kg Barbell (Women)

Fringe Sport 20kg Barbell (Men)

or Fringe Sport 15kg Barbell (Women)

Fringe Sport 20kg Barbell (Men)

or Fringe Sport 15kg Barbell (Women)

Collars 1 Pair SuperStrap Collars 1 Pair SuperStrap Collars 1 Pair SuperStrap Collars
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Phil K.
Glad I bought them

The bar has a great feel to it and spins fine. I am new to bumper plates and really like them. The fit and feel of bar and plates is great. Lots of benefits using bumpers I never thought of, like super easy on and off bar and larger plates standing straight due to larger inner width. Using kilograms with pounds is easy. Convert the 20 and 25 plate combos with the bar to pounds. Then it's easy to add the pound value of two kilo bumpers and or metal 10, 5 and 2 1/2 pound plates. I plan to buy kg change plates, but it's not as urgent as I thought. since I'm not yet dropping the plates from C & J, snatches and cleans. Great deal on Black Friday!

Sara B.
Vaughn bar and bumpers

Love, Love, LOVE. Bars have great spin and knurling that gives you grip without hamburger hands. PR'd with first use! Customer service was great. Fast shipping and very well packaged.

Fringe Sport

Excellent visual haha Glad you enjoyed your new bar!

Lina O.
love itttttttttttttttttt

love itttttttttttttttttt

Staff Review

Lift like the best. This bar's moulded off of the very best designs, and the plates are as accurate as you'll find. Whether you're a garage enthusiast, weightlifting gym owner, or even the next Chad Vaughn, this package is a must have.