Garage Gym of the Week: Meet Greg Boytos, aka The Pizza Athlete

the pizza athlete

What’s Your Name?

Greg Boytos aka the pizza athlete (IG: @thepizzaathlete)


Do you have a name for your gym?

The Pizza Palace


Tell us a little about yourself - what you do when you aren’t lifting, what are your other hobbies, etc.

I’m a writer (I have a book out: The Great Pizza Experiment), a novice filmmaker, an outdoors junkie – running, backpacking, rock climbing. I just started dabbling in highland games events with a local group. I spend a lot of time seeking out special or noteworthy food and I like to travel. 

the pizza athlete

What gear do you have in your gym?

Fringe garage rack, bunch of weights, a couple barbells and cool specialty bars, some skullbellz (dumbbells but the weights are skulls!!), a soul cycle bike, concept 2 rower, hydrow, sandbags, a sled, a pulley thing, a fitness sword, some indian clubs, some macebells, kettlebells, jump ropes, agility ladders, plyo box, ab sliders, abmats, a multisided DIY plyo box, a heavy bag, sports stuff. Dang I’ve never listed it out before, my house is fun!


When did you become part of the Fringe Fam? What was your first Fringe purchase?

My first fringe purchase was the 45lb axle bar and the pizza bumper plates. During covid my gym went from a barbell and a bit of weight to full-fledged.


What’s your favorite gear that you use all the time?

I use the pizza plates every workout.


What gear do you never use?

I use everything or I get pretty bad guilt. I haven’t been able to hang the heavy bag yet but it’s in the works!

the pizza athlete

What was your best gear purchase?

The best gear I ever purchased was the gear that started it all… an off brand standard barbell and bumper plates. 


What gear purchase do you wish you would have said “NO” to?

I’m fortunate enough to have a wife who consults on purchases. She’s never said no but has nudged me away from some unwise purchases. Which is to say I regret nothing because she has excellent foresight!


What’s your favorite workout?

Squat, bench, deadlift 5x5s. 


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Ever? Don’t eat yellow snow. Garage gym related? Get multi-use items


What advice would you give to newbie garage gymmers?

Start small and work with what you’ve got. 

Thanks, Greg, for submitting your garage gym to show off to the Fringe Fam, and for your dedication to the pizza lifestyle. We salute you and your Pizza Palace. 

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As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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