Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair) (4373390753839)
Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair) (4373390753839)
Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair) (4373390753839)
Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair) (4373390753839)
Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair) (4373390753839)
Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair) (4373390753839)

Pizza Bumper Plates (10lb Pair)

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Let's be real. We love training. Day in, day out, hands on a barbell. We live for this stuff. And we know you do too.

But there are days when the training drags, the gym's too cold, the gym's too hot, your calluses hurt, you're just not hitting the weight you KNOW you can hit.

And these pizza bumper plates can be just the ticket to break through the training blahs and help you load that barbell and get that weight UP!


2 - Pizza Bumper plates (1 Pair)


10lbs each (20lb for the Pair)

Weight Tolerance

+/- 3%

Full Diameter

Official IWF diameter- 17.7 inches / 450mm

Bumper Plate Width

1 inch


85 sHa


Urethane with Steel Center Ring with Hard Chrome Plated Surface


1 year warranty against defects in manufacturing

Product ID


We made these in 10 pounds only since the typical (aka CORRECT ;) ) way to load a barbell is with the heavier weights closer to the center of the bar, so the lighter weights are on the outside.

10 pound weights are the lightest bumper plates, so this way you can always face your pizza bumper plates on the outside of your barbell, whether you are lifting 55 pounds or 355 pounds.

You know, for the 'gram. :)

No, these are pizza bumper plates, not actual pizza. Though we suppose anything is edible if you're motivated enough.


One side shows "Fringe Sport" and the other side shows tasty, tasty pizza.

No. Gross.

Good. Go lift something heavy today :)

Yes. Pizza Bumper Plates exist.

And if we know you, there are one of two reactions you're going to have:

Reaction #1:

Oh. My. God. Shut up and take my money.

If this is you, hit that Add to Cart button, and we will rock your world.

Reaction #2:

Fringe Sport is crazy. These are the most expensive bumper plates everrrrr.

For you, we also love you! Check out our Training Bumper Plates- we offer them in any color you want (so long as that's black), and they are the most durable, least expensive, most warrantied bumper plates in the world.

Still with us?


They look awesome!

We made these out of urethane. Why? Because in addition to being extra durable and providing a super "clean" look with bright color, urethane offers multi-color customization that regular rubber just can't match.

If you are thinking about buying these, or buying our Training Bumper Plates, here's a secret:

They both do the same job.
One type of bumper is the Ford F150 of bumper plates.
Gets the job done, not super flashy.
Then there's the Cadillac of bumper plates- the Pizza Bumper Plates.
Gets the job done with style.
Will they both get you where you want to go?
Sure- but one will leave you with a smile on your face.

They'll get your girlfriend/wife to send you pictures.

Take it from Paul L., who bought his girlfriend our previous run of Donut Bumper Plates:

What kind of pictures is that girl sending?

Possibly pictures of the plates.

Possibly, pictures of her lifting using the plates.

Possibly, some "other" pictures.

In any case, wise choice, Paul L!

They're great bumper plates!

If you've read this far... you should probably just buy the plates. You know you want to.

Just like every product here at Fringe Sport, we designed and manufactured these to our normal high standards.

We only sell what we lift on. That's a promise that means the world to us.

We live and die on quality and customer service.

Of course these are awesome bumper plates. Normal and official IWF 450mm (17.7") diameter. Urethane construction for dead bounce, steel insert for durability. 90 day warranty and covered by our Fringe Sport full year satisfaction guarantee.

What are you waiting for? If you've read this far, you know you want these, nay need them.

Bounce back up and hit that Add to Cart button!

Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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