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Mobility Set


Mobility Set

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This set is an excellent mobility pack to work out any knots or kinks you may have. Here's what you'll get:

  • An 18in Foam Roller - just the right size to roll out your back, legs, arms, whatever you feel needs it. The foam material is hard enough to hit those spots you want without being too aggressive like a PVC pipe would be.
  • Travel Roller Stick - this slender rolling stick is a good size to put in your workout bag or suitcase. Since you're doing the rolling, you don't have to get down on the floor AND you can choose the amount of pressure you want to apply.
  • Lacrosse Ball - this is one of my favorite mobility tools. It gets those parts of the body that a roller can't quite reach.
  • Foam Massage Ball - if you're not quite ready for a lacrosse ball this massage ball is perfect. It's slightly bigger than the lacrosse ball but still offers the same targeting.

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