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Foam Massage Ball


Foam Massage Ball

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Rub It In

Aches, pains, soreness and stiffness? Wax on and wax off with our foam massage ball for the myofascial release you've been needing. Use the foam massage ball for the spots and places you can't hit with a foam roller: arms, neck and feet.

A membrane of fibrous tissue sheaths every muscle in your body, called fascia. Myofascial pain arises from injuries or tight muscles. Pressure from our foam massage ball rejuvenates the normal, loose flexibility of your fascia and remedies the pain. The practice can be called "myofascial release", "soft-tissue release" or "trigger point therapy."

We're here to help ease chronic tendon and muscle pain, as well as soothe tendinitis. Your pain is our pain. Let us work it out for you.

  • Light weight mobility tool, easy to take with you everywhere.
  • Not quite ready for a hard lacrosse ball? This is an excellent tool to ease you into massage without being too aggressive.
  • Good for all over body massage.

Product Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Foam Massage Ball
  • Dimensions: 2 inch diameter
  • Weight: 6 ounces

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