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Immortal Wall Ball


Immortal Wall Ball

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We are super excited to launch our IMMORTAL wall ball.

The idea for this medicine ball has been in my mind since the early days of Fringe. I noticed that every wallball on the market eventually went egg-shaped, or broke open at the seams.

This leads to some weird situations.

For example, I've even heard of some gyms assigning their clients burpees if a wall ball ever hits the ground.

What. The. Heck?

I knew we could do better.

I just did not realize that it would take 5+ years. (UGH!)

But here we are,  and we believe we have the best wall ball the world has ever seen.

How good is this ball?

Well, we drop test them for 10,000 drops from 10' high.

Can't bust 'em.

So then we drop tested them from 40' high.

Can't bust 'em.

So then we drop tested them from 150' high.

Can't bust 'em.

So then we got... crazy.

I rented a plane, found an abandoned runway, and well, check it out:


But don't worry. They are soft and pliable enough to allow you to smile after taking a shot in the face.

What about grip? Well, we engineered the shell with a grippy rubber. Here I am pouring dish soap on a 20# and repping out wallballs. (Don't try this at home)

So- they're here, and ready to rock.

The Immortal Wall Ball.

Patent pending.

Guaranteed for LIFE.

They will never go out of round. They will never break. They will never fail in any way.

And yes, you read that right. Lifetime guaranteed.

Great for everything you use your wallballs for:

  • Wall ball shots (duh)
  • Squat depth check (easy)
  • Partner tosses and exercises (piece of cake)
  • Slam balls? (yep, but they're a little bouncy)

I'm sure you think they're super expensive. I mean, there are companies out there making wallballs out of kevlar, and charging $150 or more (plus shipping!) for them. And those are not even lifetime guaranteed (cheap shot- we are the only ones offering this guarantee!)

More great news- these cost the same or less than other wallballs on the market.

That's right!

Waaaaaay Better.

Same Price.

(And a lifetime guarantee)

But we are low on stock- we are just now spinning up production, and we'll have limited availability for the next few months.

So grab yours now.

And never wreck another wallball again.

Stand up to any use or abuse

For a lifetime

Without getting lopsided


Be flexible/soft enough that a wall ball shot to the face is embarrassing, not dangerous.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Immortal Medicine Ball
  • Material: Virgin Rubber
  • Dimensions: 14 inch diameter
  • Colors: Black with Color Coding by Weight.
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Watch Us Toss This Bad Boy From a Plane

For further cruel and unusual punishment doled out to the Immortal Wall Ball, that makes crash test dummies cringe, please watch below.

Patent Pending



Where are the Immortal Wall Balls Made?

    While these super cool and indestructible balls are designed in Austin, they are manufactured in China.

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Whitney R.
United States United States

Great Ball!

We use these at our CF gym and I wanted one for home! Like these better than the soft ones, easier for wall balls and can still do everything else! I haven’t gotten mine out of the box, but it’s the same as the ones we use at the gym!

Joe L.
United States United States

Excellent Wall Ball

Fine quality. Maybe a super hero could damage this ball, but your regular human will not. It’s got a good, grippy feel which makes catching it easier. It does bounce a little if you do not catch it.

United States United States

This is my third Wall Ball

These are so much better than the laced ones and so far mine have shown no wear at all

Jason G.
United States United States

Solid WB

This WallBall is great. It maintains it's shape so there are not micro corrections that filled WB require during catching. It also does force you to preform WB the proper way since you do need to catch underneath and not by squeezing your hands during a catch. The feel of the WB is textured rubber. It does feel completely solid so there is no concern with punctures or any other wear.

Jeffrey S.
United States United States

Immortal Wall Ball

Awesome product! Love is!