Stud Bar - Pull Up Bar


Stud Bar - Pull Up Bar

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What To Know About The Stud Bar Pull Up Bar

If you are serious about pull ups, chin ups, or kipping pull ups, you need a sturdy fixed-mount pull up bar. The Stud Bar is the simplest, best option on the market for mounting a 48" pull up bar into your ceiling or wall.

Installation is straight-forward and should take you 30 minutes with a stud-finder, drill, ratchet set, and a screwdriver. Once you get the Stud Bar installed into your studs, you'll have a rock-solid place for kipping pull ups, dead hangs, mounting rings, mounting pull up bands, and more.

Stud Bar Sizing:
  • Small: For 8 ft ceilings, bar hangs 10" or 14" below ceiling
  • Standard: For 8-10 ft ceilings or wall mounting. Optional settings allow for bar to hang 14" or 22" below ceiling (24 inches total from ceiling/wall).
  • Large: For 10-12+ ft ceilings. Bar hangs 31" or 39" below ceiling (41 inches total from ceiling/wall).

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contains: 2 Brackets and 1 48" Crossbar
  • Diameter: 1 1/4" O.D.
  • Dimensions: Bracket - 32 inches long and 2 inches wide (hanging bar 15 inches from ends)
  • Weight Capacity: 600lb
  • Material: 14-Gauge Steel
  • Origin: China

More information

Why get a ceiling-mounted pull up bar?

This is a great option for garage gymmers - and for affiliates that have low ceilings with studs - or access to studs through the wall. Many squat stand/pull up bar combos are unstable for kipping or mounting rings/TRX systems. A Stud Bar mounted into your studs provides a rock-solid platform that handles kipping like a champ.

As an added benefit for the garage gymmers, you can even mount a stud bar and park you car underneath it when you're not using it!

The Stud Bar is a gym-quality pull up bar made from welded 14 gauge steel with gussets for added strength. It's designed to quickly, easily, and safely mounting to standard studs (centered at 24"). Grade 8 mounting hardware is included. The Stud Bar's 48" width allows for wide grip pull ups.

Hammertone powder coated finish. Lifetime warranty.

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