The Best Garage Gym Flooring Options: A Breakdown for Austin Locals

When it comes to building your dream garage gym in Austin, Texas, one crucial aspect to consider is the flooring. The right flooring not only enhances the aesthetics of your workout space but also plays a significant role in safety and performance. At Fringe Sport, we offer a range of garage gym flooring options tailored to meet the needs of local fitness enthusiasts in Austin. In this guide, we'll break down the key details of our available flooring options, including price, size, thickness, installation, odor, and more, helping you make an informed choice for your ideal garage gym setup.

Please note that the prices shown below are local pick-up prices for our Austin, Texas location :) 

Fringe Sport Turtle Shell Mat for Garage Gym Flooring

    1. Turtle Shell Mat:

      • Price (1 Unit/25 Units): $55/$50
      • Size: 4' x 3'
      • Thickness: 5/8 inches
      • Cost: Moderate
      • Installation: Easy
      • Odor: Moderate
      • Edges: Perfect
      • Easy to Clean: Yes
      • Pro Look: Yes
      • Uniform Look: Yes
      • Grip: High
      • Summary: The Turtle Shell Mat offers a perfect blend of quality and aesthetics. With easy installation, a pro look, and high grip, it's an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts who want both performance and style in their garage gym flooring.
Top Level Stall Mat for Garage Gym Flooring
    1. Top Level Stall Mat:

      • Price (1 Unit/25 Units): $55/$50
      • Size: 4' x 6'
      • Thickness: 3/4 inches
      • Cost: Low
      • Installation: Heavy
      • Odor: High
      • Edges: Straight
      • Easy to Clean: Moderate
      • Pro Look: Yes
      • Uniform Look: Yes
      • Grip: High
      • Summary: The Top Level Stall Mat is a durable and cost-effective option, making it suitable for budget-conscious individuals. While installation can be heavy, it offers a pro look, uniform appearance, and high grip, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create a CrossFit gym vibe in their garage.

Level 2 Stall Mat for Garage Gym Flooring

  1. Level 2 Stall Mat:

    • Price (1 Unit/25 Units): $45/$40
    • Size: 4' x 6'
    • Thickness: 3/4 inches
    • Cost: Cheap!
    • Installation: Heavy
    • Odor: High
    • Edges: Rough
    • Easy to Clean: Easy
    • Pro Look: No
    • Uniform Look: Moderate
    • Grip: Moderate
    • Summary: The Level 2 Stall Mat offers an affordable option for garage gym flooring. While it may lack the pro look and uniform appearance of other options, it provides a practical solution for those on a budget, with easy cleaning and moderate grip.
Option Price (1) Price (25) Size Thick (In) Cost Install? Odor Edges Easy to Clean Pro Look Uniform Look Grip
Turtle Shell Mat $55 $50 4' x 3' 5/8 Moderate Easy Moderate Perfect Easy Yes Yes High
Top Level Stall Mat $55 $50 4' x 6' 3/4 Low Heavy High Straight Moderate CF gym Yes High
Level 2 Stall Mat $45 $40 4' x 6' 3/4 Cheap! Heavy High Rough Easy Budget gym No Moderate


Choosing the right garage gym flooring is essential for your safety, comfort, and workout performance. Fringe Sport's offerings cater to the diverse needs of Austin's fitness community, whether you prioritize aesthetics, budget-friendliness, or performance. Consider your preferences and requirements carefully to select the perfect flooring that complements your Austin garage gym and sets the stage for a fantastic fitness journey.

Garage Gym Flooring FAQ

Are these the same as Tractor Supply Stall Mats?

Our Level 2 stall mats that we sell are very similar to Tractor Supply Stall Mats. Tractor Supply sells these mats for $53.99. And we sell them for $45. :)

Tractor Supply Stall Mats for Garage Gym Flooring

Can I drive on these mats?

Both levels of stall mat and the Fringe Sport Turtle Shell Mats can be driven on, day in and day out.

Are these mats waterproof?

They are made of 100% rubber. They are waterproof.

What is their PSI?

Our stall mats are 500 psi.

How do I clean them?

All of our mats are pretty easy to clean! Some people do prefer the Level 2 Stall Mats or the Turtle Shell Mats for ease of cleaning since our Top Level Stall Mats have a raised “punter” design to help with grip. This raised design makes them slightly harder to clean.

To clean the mats:

Use a blower to blow all debris off the mats

Use a mop with a mild bleach solution to mop the mats. Some people prefer to use a product called Simple Green instead of a mild bleach solution.

Let the mats dry and you’re done!

If you have a lot of square footage, you can also invest in a machine called an Automatic Floor Scrubber (a popular brand is named Bulldog) to speed up your mopping and get the floor truly scrubbed clean. They cost $2,000-$8,000 depending on the model and the vendor.  

How do I cut them?

The Fringe Sport Turtle Shell Mats are easier to cut than the stall mats, but both are simple to cut once you know a few tricks.

  1. Mark your cuts. Using a carpenter square will help. Some chalk can help to mark the cuts and will clean off easily.
  2. Use a box cutter with a new blade. Have plenty of replacement blades close to hand- you will dull blades VERY FAST cutting through rubber. Make a series of light cuts, scoring deeper and deeper into the mat with each stroke. Don’t try to cut all the way through in one cut.

If you are having trouble with the cuts:

  • Make sure you are using a new blade
  • Use a liquid solution to lubricate the blade and the mat. Some people use Windex for smaller jobs. For larger jobs, some people use a bucket of soapy water. They put a little soapy water on the mat and in the cut area. This lubricates the knife and makes the cutting easier.
  • Place a 2x4 or a section of PVC pipe underneath the mat in the area you are cutting, running parallel to the cut. Cut on top of the 2x4. This will cause the cuts to “bloom” open, rather than pinching down on your blade.

How do I join them together?


The Fringe Sport Turtle Shell Mats come with free plastic connectors that easily and professionally join the mats together with almost no seams!

For stall mats, there are a few options:

  • Some people do not link the mats together at all! If you have a space where you can abut the mats together and they are held in place by going “wall to wall,” you may not need to link the mats!
  • Another option is to use “mending plates” underneath the mats to link them together. Mending plates are available at Home Depot, cost $1-2 per plate, and you should use 3-4 mending plates per side of the mat that you are installing.
  • A final option is to use tape. Some people use double-sided carpet tape under the stall mats at the seams. Other people use Gorilla Tape on top of the stall mats at the seams. 


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  • Kim

    Looking for full ground cover on 1 section of our garage. Is there someone who can help select product or install ? I want no slippage!

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