Oh Squat! Comparing Squat Racks for Garage Gyms

We are constantly being asked what the best garage gym squat rack setup is and we are constantly giving different answers. For those blessed with abnormally tall ceilings and a generous amount of space we may recommend a two in one squat rack and pull-up system while for others we may simply suggest a reliable and affordable pair if indy squat stands. Whatever your situation, take a look below to see what setup will get your car out of the garage for good, and take your training to the next level.

The Kip Cage

At a just a little over 7 ½ feet tall and a foot print of 45in x 47in, the Kip Cage is well suited for most standard 2 car garages. The cage offers a sturdy support system perfect for re-racking heavy weights after hard sets or heavy singles. It also provides an opportunity for use outside the cage as you would on a rig, or inside the cage giving you the use of adjustable safety arms when training alone.

Possibly the best benefit to come from the Kip Cage is the opportunity to train strict, kipping, and butterfly pullups. With specific design elements implemented in the construction of the base of the cage, whether you have it bolted to the ground, or simply weighted in the corners by sandbags, it won’t budge.

**If your ceiling is tall enough or you are using the cage outside, it’s also perfect for muscleups!

The Squat + Pullup Rack

Similar to the Kip Cage, the foot print of the Squat + Pullup Rack is large enough to allow for any variation of pullup or muscleup to be performed. Weight horns attached to the back of the frame allow for added support of the structure while kipping as well as economical storage for those with limited equipment space.

Very easy to move and sporting an adjustable pullup bar, this is the perfect rack for anyone looking for a solid two for one to fit in their standard two car garage. The only downside is that the height of the uprights supporting the pullup bar reaches 8 feet, which depending on the height of your garage ceiling, may or may not fit to your liking.

The Commercial Squat Rack

Like the name suggests, this is just a really solid, single frame squat rack. It has been tested at a 1,000lb weight limit, includes super reinforced J-Cups, and arrives flat with a simple bolt together design. If you are looking for a high quality squat rack that will fit almost anywhere, look no further the commercial squat rack is here! 

Commercial Indy Squat Stand

If you are tight on gym or storage space but can’t stand giving up strength training, Indy Squat stands are a great option. Like the Commercial Squat Rack, these have been tested at a 1,000lb weight limit, however with a vastly smaller footprint they can be used for training and then rolled away (there are built in wheels on the back of each frame) to a corner for later use.

Another awesome feature of the Commercial Indy Squat Stand is the variation of hole spacing throughout the stands themselves. Starting from the bottom and extending through the bench press position the J-Cup holes are spaced 1 inch apart. Towards the top of the stand the holes become spaced out in 2 inch increments to allow for easy adjustments of the J-Cups for squatting.

The only downside to independent stands is the chance that they can move while reracking weight, which can be annoying, and at some weights dangerous. A great way to offset this problem is to push the back of the stands against a wall for support, or to put a sandbag on the base frame of each stand to prevent unwanted movement.

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