CrossFit to America- "Approach the Bench" Press

Crossfitters to Ride the Bench in Regionals

In case you haven't heard the polarizing news, CrossFit (CF) decided to include the bench press in this year's regionals (GASP!), which kick off today, May 18. 

CF focuses on a wide variety of exercises, encompassing everything from bodyweight exercises, to strongman, to jump rope, and Olympic weightlifting. 

Despite fleeting appearances over the years from the bench press, the lift has never been embraced by the CF community. Until now.

On Your (Bench) Marks, Get Set, Go

The announcement that CF added the bench press to this year's regional events sent a buzzsaw like ripple through CF nation. The addition of the lift has cleaved athletes into two camps. 

One side applauds the inclusion of the bench press, thinking "It's about time." This may be true considering the bench press has been a vaunted, time-tested symbol of strength, dating back over 100 years.

While the other abhors the addition, equating the bench press to certain unsavory clientele who frequent globo gyms. While visiting the bench at CF court, the naysayers might be overheard asking the judge, "Are we doing bicep curls next?"

Regardless of the controversy, the bench press add-on has CF world buzzing and it's here to stay whether athletes like it or not. 

Start Bench Warming 

Despite the hubbub, and the opinion that the bench press doesn't offer functionality, it will debut this weekend at Albany, Berlin and Salt Lake City.

Amid the cries of "Foul!" from objectors, if you listen well, you'll hear the benches getting dragged out.

Better to skip the talk and just lift, maybe even powerlift, considering the vicious workout that's being served up hot and fresh in this year's regionals, that features the bench press- the Linda. 

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 REPS FOR TIME OF:
DEADLIFT, 295 / 220 LB.
BENCH PRESS, 195 / 135 LB.
SQUAT CLEAN, 145 / 105 LB.

Good luck taxing nearly every darn muscle in your body, and having to employ explosive movements as well as powerlifting elements. We wish all the competitors the best and awesome performances to boot. 

What do You Think?

One thing that can't be debated is that CF keeps events unpredictable and fresh. That said, what are your thoughts on the bench press being included? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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