Garage Gym of the Week: Check out Dave & Paige Reinke's Garage Gym

garage gym of the week

What's Your Name?

Dave & Paige Reinke

Do you have a name for your gym?

Nope, but maybe we should.

Tell us a little about yourself - what you do when you aren't lifting, what are your other hobbies, etc.

We like to travel when we get the chance! We like just being active in general, biking, sight seeing, eating out, live music! Movies too!

What gear do you have in your gym?

Rack, bench, barbell, bumper plates, plyo box, rower, dumbbells, kettlebell, gymnastics rings

When did you become part of the Fringe Fam? What was your first Fringe purchase?

I had just started going to a CF gym (CF 15:10) when COVID (round 1) hit and the gym had to shut down. The coach graciously let us take some equipment home and would program home workouts during that time to keep us going!

My husband and I were mainly working from home then due to COVID as well, so I got him out there with me! When we could go back to the gym and I had to return the equipment, my husband said, "we should get some stuff here at home".

So I ran with it and found Travon and the rest was history! He was wonderful in helping me get all we needed! (email him at!! 😉)

We bought the squat rack, bumper plates, and bench first! Then came the box, rower, dumbbells, and the rest of the stuff! Now, just need a bike (it kills me)!

What's your favorite gear that you use all the time?

My husband uses the garage gym a lot more than me now and he really uses it all!

What gear do you never use?

Again, he really works it all in! (Katie here, that's what we call efficient!)

What was your best gear purchase?

I would say the rower... he would probably say the bench and squat rack and weights.

What gear purchase do you wish you would have said "NO" to?

None, so far!

What's your favorite workout?

Don't have one favorite, really like mixing it up!

What's the best advice you've ever received?

The workouts you avoid are the ones you need the most! And per Andrew, my current CF15:10 coach.... Get tougher and jump higher!

What advice would you give to newbie garage gymmers?

Get into a routine and be consistent!


Thanks to the Reinke's for submitting their awesome garage gym! We appreciate you both being involved in this Garage Gym Revolution and are happy to have been a part of your journey. Keep kicking ass and using the heck out of your gym!

As always, lift heavy, lift happy! :)

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