All about the Commercial Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar (aka the rack you'll want next)

What is up, Brothers and Sisters of Iron?! We’ve got the Commercial Squat Rack with Pull-Up Bar (or Commercial SPB - not to be confused with the Garage SPB!) on the agenda today.

The rack is a Commercial-grade squat rack either for your commercial gym, local community gym, or your garage. This rack can do it all, as it can accommodate world-record weight for squats with ease (you might want to load up on all the bumper plates!).

The Commercial SPB is super stable for benching, squatting, and whatever you want to do with it - pressing included. The rack is rock solid for pull-ups, kipping or butterfly included. If you’re interested in lifting heavy, and having a stable-as-heck rack to swing around on, the Commercial SPB is the rack for you.

The Commercial SPB boasts about a 5’ x 4’ footprint to give you all the stability you could need in a rack. Built into that footprint are thick, heavy-gauge steel posts with a beautiful matte black powder coated finish. It won’t rust, and it won’t give you any problems with it’s finish.

Next, let’s talk about the set-up for the holes on those heavy-gauge steel posts. You’ll notice that the uprights are 2” wide themselves, and that the ⅝”, laser-cut holes go all the way from the bottom to the top on the front and back. The side surface of the posts, at 3” wide, has ⅝” holes for accessories like a dip bar or other attachments.

We know that it can sometimes be a struggle to get your j-cups or your safety spotter arms aligned on each side when the holes in the uprights aren’t marked. So, we’ve eliminated that cumbersome issue and we’ve added a laser-cut line in every other hole so it’s that much easier to align your accessories on the first try.

In the “squat area” and “rack pull area” of the uprights, the holes are spread out every 2 inches. In the “bench area” of the uprights, the holes are spread to powerlifting standards and are punched closer together, so you can get the perfect lift-off from the j-cups.

Speaking of j-cups, these are attachments for your rig that look like a “J” and hold your bar. Our j-cups for the Commercial SPB have a slight backward cant to them, so when you rack your bar, it automatically slides back (on UHMW plastic to protect the finish on your beautiful barbell - like the one on our super-slick Bomba bar) toward the rack and settles in nicely.

This rack accepts many different Fringe-made accessories (look for 2x3, ⅝” pins/compatible!) like our dip station, safety spotter arms, extra j-cups, and others.

The Commercial SPB is an awesome (we’re biased… but we mean it), stable squat rack with an adjustable pull-up bar so the rack can be customized to you and your height needs. The pull-up bar can be bolted in at any point on the uprights all the way from the top to the bottom. The rack will work for you no matter what height you need that bar at, and it’ll be stable whether you’re racking massive squats or doing kipping pull-ups.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for a new rack, we promise you’ll like this Commercial SPB (we really do!). We’ve made this rack for pure convenience without worry for our customers and super-stability so you can get into your garage, your pain-cave, your gym, wherever you put in the dirty, hard work against iron and gravity, and do just that.

Ready to get yours so you can settle in and get to work without worry? Check out our Commercial SPB on the site or get in contact with us at and we’d be happy to help you get a rack of your own.

Comments or questions? Leave ‘em below or click the little chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen and send ‘em over. Let’s chat about our Commercial SPB!

As always, Fringe Fam, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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