Pick the Best Cardio Jump Rope with Ease

Jump ropes have come a long way over recent years, so we're here to help you pick the best cardio jump rope with ease.

Jumping rope has gone from kids to adults, from double Dutch to double unders.

With the jump, suppliers haven't skipped a beat with a dizzying selection of ropes to choose from nowadays.

Let's help you figure out what jump rope suits you best. 

There are 3 main considerations when figuring out the best cardio jump rope for you: goal, length and durability.

woman jumping rope


What are you doing and trying to accomplish? 

Are you jumping rope recreationally, burning fat, doing double unders or competing professionally?

What you're doing greatly influences what type of rope to use.

Generally speaking, the shorter the rope, the lighter the rope and lighter the handle, the faster you can spin it. 

A heavier rope, made out of actual rope or leather for example, will stimulate your muscles more. 

Are you jumping rope casually, seriously or competitively?

Jump Rope Length (Handle Too)

There are a couple of guidelines to follow when choosing the best jump rope for you. 

1. Generally, a jump rope should be 3 feet longer than your height.

2. After looping the rope under one foot, with both ends of an equal length, pulling it taut and upward, the rope should reach up to around your nipple. The handle ends should reach to around your armpit and upper chest. For experienced jumpers, the rope should reach a bit lower.

speed rope in hand

Longer ropes will travel farther overhead, thus increasing the total spin radius, making it slower. 

Now let's talk handles a minute.

Beginners should start out with a regular length handle. This ensures that you learn the movement, the wrist action and rhythm. Normal length or long handles work for people with bigger hands and help train wrist mobility. Once you can do 20-30 double unders at a time on a long handle jump rope, you can try moving up to a short handle rope.

Short handle rope, weigh less and allow for a closer, tighter grip. They almost contour to the shape of your hand, thus giving you more control and higher speeds. Higher speeds come from a shorter range of motion and an easier ability to spin.

If you want to go deeper into handles, read our jump rope handle blog.


Durability is the name of the game when it comes to jump ropes. 

They last longer indoors.

If you're outdoors on concrete or asphalt, don't expect a long lifespan, maybe a year.

man jumping rope

Keep in mind that the cord for jump ropes come in a variety of gauges. The wider or thicker the gauge, the better it will be for outside use and durability.

Which leads us to the sheathing that covers the cord. The most durable ropes use PVC or plastic, which holds up much better to rough surfaces than say leather for example or anything organic.  


I found some in-depth guides that will help guide the right selection for you.

You might want to check this one out, as it features a pro jump roper and world champion.

This guide here goes into the nitty-gritty of cords, cord gauges and handles.

Finally, if you're looking for quality jump rope training consult this ebook which comes recommended by Nick, our coworker and personal trainer.

Once you figure out the best cardio jump rope for you, have a look at our options here.

Thanks for reading Fringe Nation. Have a super day and go beyond the ordinary.

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