Short vs Long Handle - Is This Ruining Your Double Unders?

Are you struggling with your double unders?

It may be the length of your handle that's causing you problems. (That's what she said, sorry we had to). On a serious note, when you need your athletic performance to be top notch you can opt between the type of bearings or the cord in your jump rope.

The type of rope jumper you are, whether it's casual, speed, freestyle or functional fitness, determine what you need in a rope.  The top 2 features to consider are the rope and the handles. We're going to focus on the handle here.

Short handles aren't strictly for folks with smaller hands (and we know how certain people turn salty when called out on their small hands), although it may be more accommodating. Small handles contour to your hand better, providing greater control and can increase speed. Read the 2 reasons below why you may be needing a short handle speed rope.

Less Handle = Less Weight

One of the maybe not so obvious, but obvious reasons shorter handles can improve your double unders is that it is lighter than longer handles. This can help with increasing speed, and as you may know any little bit can count.

More Grip = More Control

Think about shaking hands with a tiny baby or Andre the Giant. You know both ends of the spectrum then.

With the shorter handle you tend to have a tighter grip since the handle can fit snuggly in your hand. Although with the longer handle you have better leverage when it comes to the flicking wrist motion.

That's the short and long of it. We hope we've successfully led you to the end of your rope so you know what you need to do now. If you want to give the short handle a shot, it's only $10 with FREE  shipping. 

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