The BEST shoes for CrossFit

What’s happenin’ Fringe Fam?! In this blog and video, we’re going to be talking about the very best shoes for CrossFit, per our CEO, PK. We know shoes are completely different and relative to each individual person, and these might not be your favorite shoes, but they are PK’s, and he can promise you that it’s unlikely that you’d be disappointed in the shoes he recommends.

Let’s get into it.

Ohhhh, CrossFit shoes. If you want to start a fight with a CrossFitter, what you need to ask them about is diet, like their preference between Paleo, Carnivore, etc, or shoes. Every CrossFitter has got their favorite shoe, and if it’s not yours too, you’re an idiot. JUST kidding, of course, but shoes in the CrossFit world tend to be a really touchy subject.

Over the years, there have been waves of different shoes through the CrossFit world, and that opens a lot of options for the best shoe. Let’s talk about PK’s favorite shoe for CrossFit, and what shoes people used to like to workout in. First, we’ll take a step back to 2005, when PK really got into CrossFit.

When PK began his CrossFit journey, there weren’t a ton of recommendations for CrossFit shoes, but he does remember a lot of people talking about FiveFinger shoes, the toe shoes that separate each toe, that may or may not make you look like a goof when you wear them. For a while, Vibram FiveFinger shoes were hot in the CrossFit community.

Another shoe that was heavily recommended at that time was the Puma 8-Street. Now, PK loves the Puma 8-Street, and he thinks they’re super cool, although very hard to find. The thing about the 8-Street is that they had a very thin, but very firm foam midsole, so there wasn’t a ton of compression. PK also found them to be a little narrow for his wide feet, but overall thought they were great.

Another set of shoes that was widely recommended early on in the CrossFit world were Track Flats. These were shoes for running on track, like track & field, but without the spikes in them. They were a great shoe, without a ton of cushioning, but for PK, they again weren’t very wide.

Then, you might remember Inov-8 shoes, and then shortly after Reebok teamed up with CrossFit and came out with the Nano. Then later, NOBULL with their kind of darkhorse vibe.

Now, 20 years into the CrossFit movement, PK has a personal favorite pair of CrossFit shoes.

The Reebok Nano Speed TR.

They’re not super commonly recommended in the CrossFit world. A lot of people will often offer the Nike Metcon, the Reebok Nano, or NOBULL trainers as the best and their favorite kind of shoe for CrossFit. PK has tried all of them, but none of them are the Nano Speed TR, his personal favorite.

PK likes that unlike the other 3 above, the Nano Speed TR comes from a running legacy and has running features that the others don’t. Reebok also folded in some weightlifting and strength elements in the shoe, which makes it extremely versatile.

The Nano Speed TRs have a very nice and low heel-toe drop, with a little bit of cushioning for running, while being relatively firm. This allows for miles and miles of running, and then heavy lifting right after.

Another great thing about the Nano Speed TR is that Reebok often does sales on that model. PK actually has 3 or 4 pairs, unboxed, in his closet and ready to go for when the previous pair has worn out.

While we don't sell a lot of shoes, we do personally recommend our very own weightlifting shoes. We're a little biased, but we do think they're one of the best on the market for weightlifting. Squats of all kind and Olympic lifts galore are meant to be PR'd when you strap into those bad boys and get under a barbell and some bumper plates.

If PK were to recommend to you any shoes for CrossFit, it would be the Reebok Nano Speed TR. What do you think about that?

Let us know below! What are your favorite kinds of shoes to do CrossFit in?

Whatever they might be, strap in, and go lift something heavy :)

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