Fitness Swords: The Thing Your Workouts are Missing


Working out doesn’t have to be no fun, no games, all-in seriousness all of the time.

Sometimes, it just feels like your workouts are missing something. A little fun, something different, something out of the ordinary.

Working out, especially in your garage gym, can and is meant to be fun AF.


We’re huge advocates of doing things you enjoy for exercise.

Like, actually enjoy, and not just pretend to like because you think that’s what you need to be doing to reach your goals or see progress.

We’re looking at you, running and burpees…

You’re likely familiar with traditional garage gym gear, like our super sleek, buttery, gainz-making iron excaliburs, otherwise known as barbells, our squat racks, bumper plates to get your strength on, and our other strength-inducing products.

These are totally fun and can be necessary if that’s your jam, but these things are not required to see progress and to crush your goals.

Fitness can be fun AF. You deserve to change it up.

Here’s where fitness swords come in.

Yes, fitness swords.

Like freakin’ Fruit Ninja in real life, with or without the fruit, except these swords have some weight to them to get your muscles burning and toned, and are definitely NOT meant for sword fighting.

Fighting against premature aging, unhealthy habits, and boring fitness, yes, but not against other people.

We do NOT recommend that. Don't swing your sword at other people!

Being real life Fruit Ninjas though...

That's a different story...

We do feature a CAUTION warning on the sword page, but following that is truly up to your discretion ;)

Our fitness swords are nearly the real deal.

We offer 3 different kinds and sizes: the Omens (7lbs), the Katana (5lbs), the Power (10lbs), and a package of the 3 so you can literally swing your way to massive gains.

At this point, you’re probably still in disbelief and wondering, “fitness swords? Really?” 

Yep. ;)

For years our customers had begged us to get into the fitness mace-making biz, and we struggled to find a plausible reason to actually make maces of our own… until Arnold in Conan the Barbarian struck up some inspiration and fitness swords were born.

Click here to get our FREE Beginner's Guide to Fitness Swords.

Fitness swords are NOT weighted like maces.

Fitness maces are an iron pipe with a ball at the end making the weight more focused at the end where the ball is, and the weight in our swords is more evenly distributed.

Unlike real swords, our fitness swords have a blunted edge because they aren’t meant for battle like a normal sword, but they could still really do a number on someone if they did happen to get in the way. Please, don’t swing your fitness sword at anyone else!

There are so many things that one can do with a fitness sword to crush a workout, get sweaty, and have fun doing it. Working out doesn’t have to be typical, stuffy, bro-sesh type workouts every single day, or at all if that’s not your thing. 

We highly recommend giving these swords a try. Think of them as a sort of fitness mace and they won’t seem as “out there.” Check out this blog for more specific information about our fitness swords, how to use them, tips and tricks for successful workouts, and for some workout ideas.

Whether you’re throwing in a set of fitness swords to your garage gym arsenal, utilizing dancing as cardio, using household items as weights, or putting your own spin on your fitness routine, we hope you’re truly enjoying your fitness journey and making things fun.


Working out shouldn’t be all about making gains, seeing progress, getting ripped (UNLESS that’s your thing!) all the time. We hope that you find what makes the difference for you and breaks up the monotony of working out, if that’s what you need.

Fitness is about playing the long game.


We’ve found that adding a little bit of spice into your everyday routine can make the entire process more enjoyable and sustainable for the long run.

If you’ve got questions about our fitness swords, about other products to make your fitness more fun, or workout ideas, let us know! Comment below or send us a message at

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)


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