Why 2022 is the Year of the Garage Gym

Well, Fringe Fam, we're here. We made it. We're very near the end of the year and 2022 is coming in HOT. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, the end of this year doesn't look much different than the last. We're still experiencing covid-related gym issues, whether that be with closures, wearing masks during workouts, or like we've experienced, product shortages and shipping blocks up the wazoo.

These last two years have been no easy, breezy, WOD in the sun.

We've experienced A LOT in the last two years, and we're still moving full-steam at 2022. Not a lot looks to be changing, at least in the beginning of this coming year. We've gotten a lot of you on board the Garage Gym train, but now, we're proposing that 2022 be the Year of the Garage Gym.

In 2020 and 2021, we had many, many of you join us in the Garage Gym Revolution and not look back.

In 2022, we expect even more people to join the Garage Gym Revolution and improve their lives through strength.

There's infinite reason to ditch the commercial gym to workout at home and join us on your own garage gym journey, but a few stick out to us as some of the biggest motivators for our customers and our Fringe Fam.

No Commute

benoit garage gym

Ahhh, a commute as long as it takes to get from your bed, out the door, and into your garage. What a dream!!

Except it doesn't have to be. This is something that our Fringe Fam has been experiencing since before the panini-quarantini and will continue to utilize in 2022.

Can you imagine the time you'll save because you don't have to get dressed, load up your gear into your car, drive all the way to the gym, and do the same thing to come back? Your time is precious, and a garage gym at your disposal gives back the time you deserve to have in your day.

No more wasting precious minutes on a silly commute in morning or rush-hour evening traffic.

No Extra Gas Used

seedorffs garage gym

We're all about being economically friendly here, Fringe Fam. Gas is expensive these days, and no commute means you're saving that gas for places that are more fun.

Plus, you're saving money, which can be put toward building out the garage gym of your dreams. How convenient 😏

No Gym Membership to Pay For

We told you, we're all about saving you time & your hard-earned money. These assets are precious, and you deserve to spend both time and money where you'd truly enjoy doing it, and not on pieces of your life that feel like a chore.

No commercial gym membership means you're saving at least $50 or so PLUS the cost of gas to get there and back. Again, this can so conveniently be placed into your "Dream Garage Gym Fund." You're welcome 😉

No Waiting for Bars, Benches, or Other Gear

Unless you're sharing with your kid or workout partner, you shouldn't ever have to wait for equipment.

Is there anything worse than having to pace the floor and twiddle your thumbs because you're waiting for a bench, a barbell, or other piece of equipment while your pre-workout wears off? NO. No, there is not.

Let's solve that issue for you with your very own bench and barbell and dumbbells and whatever gear you need, of your own, so you don't have to share with NOBODY. It's all yours. Fair game at all times, so not only are you saving time and effort and money by not paying for a gym membership, gas, or commuting, you'll become more efficient in your workouts because forced-rest and wait times will be cut down or cut out. BOOM.

No Teeny-Bopper Music to Endure


Ugh, this might be the second worst part of a commercial gym, behind waiting for gear and prolonging your workout. Commercial gyms are notorious for playing ALL the wrong music. Usually, it's something like the exact opposite of what you'd actually like to listen to, isn't it?

No more slow, un-motivating oldies or pop-y teeny-bopper hits to get you through your workout. Your gym, your turf, your music. That's just the rules, we don't make 'em up.

In your own garage gym/pain cave, you can play your death metal, 90s hip hop, EDM, whatever floats your boat and pushes you through even the hardest workouts as loud as you'd like. Your neighbors might not like it if you're not sound-proofed, but you can just tell them that blasting loud music is just garage gym law and to take it up with us. We've got your back.

Long Story Short... 2022 is the Year of the Garage Gym 


Convinced you need to join us yet? If not, send us a message on our website. We can tell you more about improving lives through strength and how we can help you do just that. Join us in the Garage Gym Revolution in 2022. We promise you won't regret it.

Don't know where to start? Our garage gym packages are perfect for getting the gear you need to start with in one fell swoop. We generally include the basic structure for an awesome garage gym, so you can add the bits and pieces to truly make it your own.

If you'd rather start with a simple barbell and bumper plates, we've got sets of those too so you can get exactly what you want and design your dream gym from the ground up.

We can't wait to help you build out your garage gym in 2022. Don't hesitate to reach out and inquire about how we can help you do just that!

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :) 

To health, to improving our lives through strength, to 2022 - Your Fringe Sport Team 💚

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