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A sacred place and a place where you're free from intrusion. This what your home gym is.

A refuge that isolates and insulates you from the surrounding chaos, enabling you to solely focus on your Self

A space to lift up and praise your strength.  

A place where you're the most grounded.

A place where you're the most connected to your driving force, pushing you to improve. 

A place to sacrifice time, effort and energy in exchange for sweat and pain in the short term.

While in the long term, block by block, stone by stone, you build your Self into a wonder of the world. 

We want to be the masons who make your vision a reality. 


After building your home gym and using it daily, the visions come. The visions of a stronger you, a better you. How many ways can I use my newfound strength? How many ways will this impact other aspects of my life? How does this affect the people closest to me?

Maybe the superhero you've been waiting for finally shows up. But to your surprise, it's someone you knew all along. It's no stranger. The superhero arrives and it's...


The legendary, 2009 story of a Kansas man by the name of Nick Harris comes to mind. He's one of the most famous examples of "hysterical strength." The 5'7" Harris lifted a Mercury off a 6-year-old girl. 

This not to mention of tales of lifted tractors and even fending off polar bears. We don't endorse fighting polar bears, but fully encourage becoming a hero in your own right. Every day people make the biggest gains. 


We'll never claim to give you hysterical or Hulk strength, but we do promise all the solutions to your home gym questions. 

What gear do you need?

Do you need a bushing or bearing barbell?

How do you choose bumper plates?

Do you need a squat stand or a power rack?

How do you sell the idea to your wife or husband?

How do you compensate for low ceilings?

Where do you put everything?

Why are free weights better than machines?

What are the first 3 pieces of equipment to buy?

What gear do I buy on a budget?

We want to be your home gym, go to guy. 

The Q to your James Bond. 

Here's Peter, our founder doubling as Q, making his recommendations for key gear to have in your home or garage gym.


We've got you spotted with all your concerns, questions, and queries. We're like a scholarly journal of home gym knowledge. You're a gym gear nerd...just like us. We know. Own it and we'll help you study up. 

Wondering about the benefits of training at home or trying to decide if you should put your home gym in the basement, garage or attic? We'll get you to your destination. 

Whether you're designing your home gym, assessing your space or converting your garage into a home gym, we want to provide all the info you could ever want to make the best decisions for you. 


We're not here to idolize on-screen heroes. We're here to help you turn into one, and that starts at home. We all have the ability to be Nick Harris and save the day. You can be a hero. As Joe Rogan says: 

"Live your life like you're the hero in your movie and right now is when the f*cking movie starts."

Lights, camera, lift.