20kg Men's Cerakote Olympic Barbell


20kg Men's Cerakote Olympic Barbell

By: Bomba Gear by Fringe Sport

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What You Need to Know About Cerakote Olympic Barbells

We started with our Bomba 20kg Barbell V2 and added a cerakote finish. Giving you different color options and a great barbell for everyday WODing. The Cerakote finish can withstand the harshest conditions and has been test and use by the US Military.

  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns.
  • Made with pride in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty against bending or breaking of the shaft.
  • 206,000 psi tensile strength for the shaft steel- this barbell will take all the weight you throw on it, and ask for more.
  • 190,000 psi yield strength for the shaft steel- adds a nice whip.
  • 28mm shaft diameter- spans Olympic and power movements with ease.
  • Aerospace-grade self lubricating bronze bushings- they're designed for decades of use on airplanes- they'll last even longer in your gym.
  • 1,500 pound static-test weight capacity.
  • Available in green, orange, red, or white Cerakote finishes.
  • Great knurl depth- neither cheese grater nor too soft.
  • IWF and IPF knurl hash marks, no center knurl.
  • Customizable grooved shoulder. Comes with included "Bomba Gear" silicone bands- swap them out with silicone wristbands for your gym.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - 20kg Olympic Barbell by Bomba
  • Color: Black Sleeves and Colored Cerakote Shaft
  • Collars: Bronze Bushing
  • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 1,500 pounds
  • Tensile Strength: 206,000 PSI
  • Whip: Moderate
  • Spin: Moderate
  • Best Use: Garage Gym, Olympic, or Powerlifting
  • Material: Color cerakote finish, Steel
  • Length: 86.75"
  • Sleeve Specs: 16.25 inches and 2 inch diameter
  • Shaft Specs: 28mm Diameter
  • Knurl: IWF and IPF knurl hash marks, no center knurl.
  • Origin: USA
  • Warranty: 1 Year. Altering, opening, or tampering in any way with the collars or sleeves will void all warranties and liabilities on this product.

What is Cerekote Coating and Why Does It Matter?

Cerakote Is a ceramic coating developed for the military for firearms. The coating helped with corrosion resistance, enhance impact strength, and chemical resistance with firearms in the most extreme conditions in the world.

  • We found the coating, when used on barbells, to be an extremely corrosion resistant finish that also allows a wild variety of color.
  • If it's good enough to be used for the US military in the harshest conditions in the world, it's going to be great on your barbell.

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