Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)
Bad Ass Utility Bench (6837126529071)

Bad Ass Utility Bench

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Picture it - a place we've all been. You're lifting in your Fringed-out home gym. The squats are effortless. You've set personal bests every single time.

You do some deadlifts. The plates are clanging together, making your favorite kind of music. The weights seem lighter than air and you don't want to stop.

So you decide to do some presses and you start to position yourself on the bench. That's when it happens. All that hard earned sweat turns your bench into a Slip 'N' Slide - but without the water and none of the fun.

Suddenly benching turns into more of a torture test

than a lifting-fest.

Never fear, Fringe Fam - we got your back.... literally!

What do we have?

Bad Ass Utility Bench - the best all around, awesome, perfect for everyone bench ever made. Listen, Fringe Fam, this is the ultimate, perfect for any workout, can do just about anything but your laundry bench out there.

What makes it so special? First and foremost - the 2 inch thick pad with Gecko grip fabric. This super grippy, sticky, fantastic fabric will grab on to you and hold you like a kid holds an ice cream cone, all while you go for those world record lifts. And - BONUS - you can pour your chalk on this fabric and will stay right where it lands. GENIUS!

What does Gecko grip mean? It means the Slip 'N' Slide is a thing of the past. That you could put your grandma's wedding china on the bench and it won't move. It means that your favorite bowl of banana puddin' is safe. It means - well, this video is worth a thousand examples!

Bad Ass Utility Bench

with angled legs for super sturdiness and stability no matter what your floor.

Weight Capacity

Over 1,000 pounds - can hold you and all your Saint Bernards plus their puppies.

Beefy handle

for easy movement in and out of your strength cave, on to your driveway to show off your moves and more.


to take you wherever you want to go.

Upright storage

makes this bench perfect for small spaces-store it on its edge to maximize space in your gym.


of 12 inches to fit everyone but maybe a Fringe-squatch

Gecko Grip fabric pad that's 2 inches

of super firm, Gecko grip, never gonna give you up never gonna let you go super hold on to you goodness. (oh, and it holds that chalk like a champ too!)


of 62 hard workin', tough as nails pounds.

Bad Ass Black

color powder coating to take a beating.

SOLID 11 gauge steel

to hold up lift after lift, step after step, jump after jump, year after year.


Pad from end to end is 47.5 inches and 2 inches thick. From leg to leg, bench is 48.75 inches long. Pad is 12 inches wide. Without the pad, the bench is 15.5 inches high, and 17.5 inches high with the pad.

Product ID


Gecko Grip Fabric

Want to see what one of our Fringe Fam Members has to say about the bench? Check out this Spill All Video!

Yes you can but it will lean over a bit but not to much.

PLUS - This bench can hold OVER 1000 POUNDS! ONE THOUSAND!!! That's a lot of doughnuts and pizzas that you can put on that bench!

The angled legs on this bench make for easy clearance when moving around tight spaces in your gym - no more skinned shins or tingling toes!

See that beefy, curved handle? Not only is that bad boy good for picking up this bench one handed and moving it around, but you can even use it to anchor a battle rope. How's that for a two-fer? Two great pieces of equipment in one bad ass bench.

Wait - did we say two? It can actually be MORE THAN THAT! his bench, with that Gecko grip pad, and the amount of weight you can drop on it, is so firm and stable, you can even use it for box jumps, step ups, and more. It's almost a whole gym in one fantastic little package.

The 12-inch width makes it perfect for almost everyone and this bench does it all.... well ALMOST all - it is a flat bench so it doesn't adjust. But who needs to move up and down unless you're on a roller coaster? Besides with the Gecko grip fabric to hold you tight like a bear hug from your grandma, what more do you need?

Want to be the biggest bad ass in your neighborhood - or at least in your garage gym? Then grab this Bad Ass Utility Bench and make it work for you. No more Slip 'N' Slide - just super grippy fabric and a multi-use bench that will have you upping your game on lifts - and step ups - and box jumps - and battle ropes -and..... the possibilities for what you can do are limited by your imagination and your stamina!

Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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