Bar + Black Bumper Plate Packages


Bar + Black Bumper Plate Packages

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Barbell and Black Bumper Plate Packages

We created amazing bar and bumper plate packages to meet the budget and needs of any lifter, no matter what strength level!

Have questions or want to customize your package? Call us at 512-201-4404 and we will get shipped to you within 24 hours!

  • Full year warranty on ALL plates and bar with FREE returns
  • Bomba Bars are American-made with very high quality steel for a top notch bar
  • Premium grade bushings give the Bomba bars a buttery smooth spin
  • Vaughn Bars are 216,000 PSI and have one of the best feels on the market
  • OneFitWonder Bumper Plates are extremely durable and will last for years in a garage or affiliate
  • Weight Tolerance +/- 10 grams of declared weight
Bottom line: These barbells and bumper plates are an unbeatable combination. Completely customizable! Shoot us an email or phone call to get a different combination!

See What Customers Are Saying

  • "Good solid bumpers and bar...low bounce."
  • "Good WOD bar and solid bumper plates"
  • "A perfectly solid startup kit"
  • "Outstanding dead bounce - wasn't really expecting it but was very impressed."

See what our other customers are saying about their barbell and plate packages below.

Package Contents

Choosing the Right Bar & Bumper Set

Depending on your level of training we have some options to consider:

  • Our Wonder Bar is a great bar at a great price and is considered best for an entry-level athlete. The best box bar.
  • Seasoned athlete or affiliate owner, you may want to consider the Bomba Bar V2 or even the Vaughn Bar. The Bomba Bar is the best value American-made all-around training barbell you can get. Our Vaughn Bars are the premiere training barbells for aspiring Olympians.
  • The Wonder Bar, Bomba Bar V2, and Vaughn Bar all come in a 20kg for men and 15kg for women. Women's hands tend to be smaller than a mans, so the "women's" bar features a 25mm shaft diameter vs. the "men's" 20kg and 28-32mm shaft.

Picking the right bumper plate set:

  • 10/25/45 - 160lbs: These are all the weights that you will need to get in Olympic lifting with bumper plates. Use the 10s to help with technique to start, and then as you get stronger you can move up to the 25s and 45s and really start pounding the ground with those weights. Traditional iron weights can be used to supplement this set if you need more weight.
  • 10/15/25/45 - 190lbs: For those that want to make their weight jumps a little smaller and want some additional rubber to add to the bars. The 15s by themselves are still mainly for technique, but their added weight definitely makes them sturdier than the 10 lb bumpers.
  • 10/25/45/45 - 250lbs: Who needs the 35 pounder? We threw that out in favor of another 45, to give you 20 more pounds to work with in this set. Because it still has the smaller weights, this is a great option for pretty much anybody that wants to work their way up to some heavy weights.
  • 10/15/25/45/45/45 - 370lbs: This 370 pound set of OneFitWonder bumper plates ensures that all your bases are covered, for 1 or two people. Whether you are a novice lifter or throwing around some real weight, this set has the weights you need. Need to go heavier? You can either add iron in or contact us for a custom quote on a larger package.


Bronze - 160lbs
Silver - 190lbs
Gold - 250lbs
Platinum- 370lbs





Black Bumper Plates 1 Pair 10lbs
1 Pair 25lbs
1 Pair 45lbs
1 Pair 10lbs
1 Pair 15lbs
1 Pair 25lbs
1 Pair 45lbs
1 Pair 10lbs
1 Pair 25lbs
2 Pair 45lbs
1 Pair 10lbs
1 Pair 15lbs
1 Pair 25lbs
3 Pair 45lbs

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