WOD of the Week: 8 Minute Slam Ball / Pushup AMRAP

This week's WOD is from @coach_kasper, they tagged us in their Slam Ball workout.

coach_kasperThis little 8 minute #AMRAP ladder got spicy with new @fringesport 100lbs/60lbs slam balls.
#WifeWOD #LoveThisGirl #KasperPartyOfTwo #ForgedValorCrossFit #GritAndGloryAthletics @forgedvalorcrossfit #Fitness #ImOutOfShape @laceduplaurenp

What You'll Need

Slam Ball (100lb / 60lb) 

The Workout

8-Minute AMRAP

  • 3 Slam Ball Over the Should (3 on Left / 3 on Right Shoulder)
  • 6 Pushups

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1 comment

  • Daniel

    Really interested in getting to grips this workout! Thanks for sharing it :)

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