10 Fringe-Y & Unexpected Ways to Give that Gift Card!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - the lights, the food, the gifts ….. The shopping.

Ah, the shopping - the crowds, the pushing - trying to figure out what to get that person that is impossible to shop for.

I don’t know about you but sometimes shopping for gifts can be the hardest part of the holidays.

So, here at Fringe, we want to help you with your shopping list so you can not only make your list and check it twice, you can mark it DONE.

To voice a somewhat controversial opinion, one of my favorite presents to receive is a gift card.  Okay - now before you start throwing a fit and wondering what I’m thinking - look at it this way.

Free. Money.  ‘Nuff said.

Seriously - people are giving you FREE MONEY to spend at some of your favorite places.  JoAnn Fabrics. Chick-Fil-A. Starbucks. Fringe Sport.

Wait - what?  You didn’t know Fringe offered gift cards?  Oh, yes we do - and they are the perfect lightweight, easy to snap up, “holy crap I forgot to get my brother/sister/ mom a present” gift to buy.

Here at Fringe, our gift cards are actually e-cards - which means when you purchase the gift card, it gets emailed to you. You can then print it off to give to the lucky friend for whom you purchased it.

But how can you make it fun? 

I mean - there’s nothing wrong with printing it off and folding it into a paper airplane, and sailing that over to the recipient. However, you know that Fringe has your back - and we’re gonna give you some exciting and creative ways to present that card with a flourish, amid screams of joy and excitement. 


Tape the card to an unusual item. Instead of using the typical greeting card or gift card holder - print the gift card off and tape it to a broom. Maybe wrap a trash can and tape the gift card to the bottom? Or wrap it around a baseball bat and cover it in gorgeous wrapping paper. The possibilities are endless - use that imagination for what to wrap. 

Use a set of our strength bands - create a flower with them on a large piece of poster board and make the gift card the centerpiece of the flower. 


Find a cute little wallet - either for guys or gals - and stick the gift card inside. Wrap the wallet in a box - or an odd shaped design - to throw the recipient off the scent.

Grab a wide mouth canning jar - at least quart size, but you can always go bigger (go big or go home?!?). Fill with the giftee’s favorite candy - M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces or maybe Hershey Kisses? - and then bury the gift card down in the candy. Now that’s a sweet idea! (get it?)

If your friend likes wine, pick up a nice bottle for them and replace the label with the gift card. You can then wrap up the wine bottle in a bag made for them - or even a tube sock. Trust me - that sock is gonna make them think you’ve totally lost it!


Scavenger Hunt - hide the gift card somewhere in the room (or on the tree even) and then give a list of clues to help them find it. If you really wanna go there, start with one clue and send them on a hunt through the room for more clues for their gift!

Scavenger hunt part 2 - so when you get a Fringe e-gift card,  it's a code the customer uses at checkout to buy their gear. If your friend loves to read, find a used book at a thrift store and tape the code on a page. Create a code to help them find the gift card in the pages. Or you can just tell them to read until they find the surprise!

Make it a prize - buy your giftee's favorite box of cereal. Carefully open it and tuck the gift card in to make it their best cereal box prize ever. Definitely better than those submarines that float in water!

Wrap a brick - find a brick laying around (or something equally heavy)  that you can tape the gift card around. Then wrap that super heavy object- or drop it in a bag or bucked - to completely throw your unsuspecting friend off the scent.

Play cards - grab a deck of cards - even Uno works but don't expect excitement when they open it because we ALL know how long that game takes. Tape our card to an 8 in the deck and tuck it back in. Challenge them to a mean game of Crazy Eights. You'll be their hero. 

We can't let this end without the honorable mention of tucking the card into a baggie that you wrap in progressively larger boxes until you get to one about the size of a 1978 Cadillac. While some find it annoying, I love the joy of ripping all the paper open.

So there you have it: A plethora of ways to gift those cards without anyone being the least bit suspicious. Here at Fringe, we always want to twist it up and have some fun. 

What's your favorite way to hand over those gift cards?

Let us know in the comments below. And come back every day for more great content and ideas from your Fringe Team!

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