Your Moment of Zen + A Few Things to Ponder

I took this shot last weekend, while hiking with my girls. Hopefully it can take you to a relaxing place, if only for an instant.

Are you making time for these moments in your life?

Thanks for the HUGE response to my email last week. A few follow-up items:

  • Do you think you'd be interested in a 30/60 minute group webinar where I can go into further detail and do a live Q&A on masterminds? I had a LOT of emails about them. Hit reply if so!
  • We've got a great candidate for one of our business sales positions, sourced from our tribe. She's in the final stages of hire. Thanks for all the referrals- you are amazing!

Onto the meat and (paleo friendly, sweet) potatoes.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I heard something last week on some show, I forget which (fine, it was the Adam Carolla show.)

They had a TV writer on, and he said that every TV show used to want to win the Nielsen ratings.

But now, every show wants to be the favorite show for somebody. (Because winning the Nielsens means so much less than it did 20 years ago.)

He said it more elegantly, but it really jived with my thinking. When I founded Fringe, I had a big competitor in mind, and I wanted to be the Pepsi to their Coke. But now HQ has convinced me that soda is bad. Kidding.

No, what I am trying to build is your favorite company.

I really respect companies like GoRuck, CrossFit, NerdFitness- companies that have thriving bases of people who love them.

Does this resonate with you?

I've also been thinking about this as more and more gyms open up.

Is is better to be Planet Fitness and have 6,000 members (half of whom have never come to the gym), or a really awesome box with a thriving core of 150 members that LOVE you?

I'll leave you to ponder this, and I've got a follow-up coming next week.

Writing from a cafe on a rainy sidewalk in South Beach, I remain,


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