What if bumper plates did not taco?

^^ That's Ricky and me on the roof, throwing a bar + bumpers off

Don't try that at home, and puh-lease don't tell our landlord.

Actually, maybe we shouldn't be sending this out in an email to the whole world.

Too late now.

When we first started developing bumper plates, the common advice was:

Don't drop a barbell with 10 or 15 pound plates on it!



Because bumper plates are designed to be dropped, and educating people to not drop bumpers is a fool's quest.

So instead, we dedicated ourselves to designing the best bumper plates in the world.

And for us, best means the most durable.

And here we are in 2016, and we've done it.

The OneFitWonder bumper plates:
  • Have the best warranty in the world- 1 year on the 10/15s, 3 years on the 25/35/45/55
  • Are priced very attractively- starting at $49 with free shipping
  • Last longer than any other bumper plates, even in a commercial environment (box) 

I could give you a long story about this- but the short answer is that we use a variety of proprietary techniques to make an inexpensive, durable, dead bounce, narrow-on-the-bar, accurate bumper, and we back it up with the reviews on our site, and an awesome warranty.

And for this week only, we are running a HUGE sale- 10-15% off our most popular bumpers.

We have all weights in stock and shipping the same or next business day from your order.

Try them out, and if you don't like them, remember- we stand behind every sale with our 365 day no hassle returns policy.



PS- the sale ends Monday. What are you waiting for?

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