Power Monkey Training Camp

This Camp is the ultimate experience for the WOD junky of any level! Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to go to the next level or just an avid athlete in search of your dream vacation - the Power Monkey Camp is it!

  • Olympians Dave Durante and Chad Vaughn heading the training
  • 5 full days of technique training including handstands, rings, clean + jerk, snatch and much more!
  • 150 Acres, 30,000 sq ft of gym space, 2 x 5 miles of running trails, 2 x 30' rigs, 50 x Olympic barbells
  • Lodging, Paleo Meals all-inclusive with access to Volleyball courts, Jet Skis, Paintball course and a beach
  • Scott Panchik, Elizabeth Akinwale, Nate Schrader and Wes Piatt
  • 2-Day competition with $1,000 prize

Cabin space restricts the number of attendants, so better act fast! Whatever your training goals are, this is the vacation (or fit-cation) that every athlete dreams about!

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Get Fringe Swag

Are you a fan of Fringe and are going to join us at the amazing Power Monkey Camp? Shoot us an email at sales@fringesport.com with just that information and we will give you all of the information you need! We are incredibly excited about this event and want to make sure everyone has a good time and can represent their favorite gear company!



  • Selena

    Talk about a way to relieve stress… I need to be there…

  • Victor Chavez

    Big fan of Chad and Dave and especially Fringe Sport!!

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