Power Monkey Camp Prep

The Power Monkey Camp is off to an amazing start! But first, a very quick rundown of the Fringe Crew’s journey to this point. 

More photos coming soon!

Friday 3/28 – Loaded trailer with 12,000 lbs of competition gear


Saturday 3/29 – Started the trip at 5:30 AM. Drove straight through Dallas, grabbed lunch in Greenville, drove straight through Little Rock, AK and headed into Memphis, TN. Found Central BBQ somehow and if the line out the door was any indication, it was a solid find! Hit the road again for the home stretch.


Sunday 3/30 - Greeted at 2:00 AM at the gate to the Camp by a short (no offense, he is a gymnast) Olympian with a tiny flashlight; already geeking out. We offload the trailer and are all in bad shape, so we hit the hay immediately. Groggily wake up at 1:00PM and grab something to eat before hitting the WOD – 12,000 lb trailer unload for time! More food and then we hit the dual Bomba Rig set-up (including a 12’ tall rig) and 10 lifting stations with OFW Commercial Squat Racks, Bomba bars and 260 lbs of OFW Bumper Plates. Paleo Nick serves up some delicious Turkey lettuce wraps and its off to bed again.

Monday 3/31 – Still exhausted, we wake up at 10:00AM and put the final touches on the set-up. Finally get to enjoy ourselves around 3:00PM and hit a real WOD. At dinner, the density of Olympians and high level athletes/coaches is a bit overwhelming. Paleo Nick nails it again with Chicken, Veggies and Sweet Potatoes.

Today will have a double post to catch up - stay tuned!

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