2 4 5 p o u n d s

Written at 8:55am in the backseat of a BMW 530i driving from Denver to Boulder

Why are there no cupholders in this thing?

Is it an aesthetic thing? Why do American cars have many cupholders and imports don’t?

I’m trying to write this email and balance a cup of coffee at the same time, and it’s not easy.

Moving on.

I get excited easily. I realize this. My wife says I have ADD, and maybe she’s right.

I’m excited mainly hundo bumpers right now.

Yes, hundo bumpers. Bumper plates that each weigh… 100 pounds.


I haven’t written much about our Made in the USA crumb bumpers. They’re similar to another bumper that we also sell. Those other bumpers rhyme with “Dri-Lemp.”

But these are better. While the other company makes a solid bumper, with years of experience in boxes, we’ve found some limits to their vaunted durability. And we found a better way.

And those other bumpers are not IWF diameter. Why? I’ll never understand.

We use a slightly different mix of rubber, and a few proprietary manufacturing techniques to deliver a more durable USA-made bumper plate- and one that meets IWF standard for diameter. As always, we back it with our best in the world guarantee:

365 days no drama guarantee.

On top of that, they also come with our bulletproof best-in-the-world bumper plate warrantee- if the 10s or 15s fail in any way in a year, we’ll send you new ones. And if the 25’s and up fail in anyway in 3 years, BOOM, you get brand new plates.

We've been playing around on the factory floor and we produced a 100 pound bumper.

This thing is awesome. A thing of brutal beauty. And a beast to ship.

But since all our bumpers are on sale this week, you can have a pair of hundos delivered to your door for $377.

It looks spendy, but the plates are monsters.

I would say snatch them up, but a pair plus a bar is 245#. That’s a solid snatch. Above my number, anyway 😉

Have a great day, and go lift something that weighs 245# or more. I know I will.

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