20+ Reasons to Lift in Your Garage Gym Today

There are probably a bazillion actual reasons why you should lift today, and specifically in your garage gym, but we’re here to bring you, Brothers and Sisters of Iron, just 22 of those awesome reasons.

1. Take a deep breath… in, and out. Put your hand over your heart. Feel that? You are ALIVE!
There are billions and billions of people who aren’t. Those people don’t get to lift today, nor fight against gravity or their willpower that says “But I don’t wanna lift that weight!” Use it or lose it… right?

2. You have a garage gym
You’ve been lucky and wise enough to have joined the garage gym revolution, and that’s brought you your very own man cave/woman cave/pain cave that you can go lift in. SO many people have not yet been as wise as you have, and therefore don’t have the choice that you do. Take advantage of it… Why not use it?!

3. Because it’s HARD.
Lifting weights is hard, but easy is the couch potato, Netflix-binging, social media scrolling dopamine hits at your fingertips. Doesn’t that sound terribly unappealing as you read it? Don’t get your dopamine from “likes.” Get your dopamine from “lifts!!” In your garage gym, nonetheless!

4. Because it gets easier.
It really does. The more you lift, the easier it becomes to get out in your garage and get it done. The more you strap on your lifting shoes and get out into your garage gym, the easier it will be to continue that habit. Do it today, so tomorrow is easier, and the next is even easier after that.

5. You’re setting an awesome example for the people around you. 
You’ve got people watching you… your spouse, your partner, your kids, your pets, even. Show them an example of a healthy habit that brings pride and obvious results. The more they see you getting under and pulling some weight, the more they’ll want it for themselves. These are teaching moments, Fringe Fam! Don’t be surprised if you catch your dog with a dumbbell in his mouth.

6. You’re hungry, and you want to eat. 
No, Fringe Fam, we’re not telling you that you can out-lift your fork. But, we are saying that if you put up some weight on your rack, you get a killer squat session in, you get to eat that post-workout meal and you’ve earned that meal. Abs are made in the kitchen, but muscles are made by heavy as heck weights and nutrition combined.

7. I want to make my neighbors jealous (it’s no secret… we know you want to show off your Fringe Sport gear!)
When they get jealous… they just might want to join the fight against gravity too (one of us… one of us…). They’ll see you in your garage gym, bumping some tunes, moving some weight on your barbell, putting in the dirty work, and they’ll eventually want to do it too (remember those teaching moments, from #5?) Stronger people live longer, healthier, happier lives, and you’ll be giving your neighbors that intrinsic motivation too.

8. It’s a beautiful freakin’ day!
Why spend it inside? Open up that garage door, and get your lift on and some extra dopamine in that beautiful weather.

9. The weather is freakin’ terrible!
Shut that garage door, and block out mother nature’s negativity. You don’t need that terrible weather to stop you from doing anything, especially getting a lift in. Mother nature can’t stop you from putting up big weights in your garage gym.

10. I’m on a program, and today’s my day to lift.
Stick to it! You heard us… stick. to. it. We know how hard it can be sometimes to stick to a program instead of putting it off for the next day because the programming is always there, right? What happens if you just keep putting it off? Don’t quit on your program. Don’t quit on yourself! Lace up your shoes, take off your shirt (optional, but it just might help), get some music blasting and get that work DONE.

11. Today’s an off-day on my program!
What a better chance to get into your garage gym and out of your own mind for a long-haul metcon or chipper? Maybe you just need to get some movement in. It doesn’t have to always be “training,” exercise for plain 'ole movement is amazing in your garage gym, too. If it’s going to put a smile on your face, get out there and just move and groove, baby.

12. This is real life… The ice cream truck keeps driving by.
That driver knows exactly what he’s doing. He sees you up in the gym, just workin’ on your fitness… he’s your witness (a little Fergie reference, anyone?) and he wants your business. If it's a Choco-Taco or Spongebob popsicle, use that ice cream as intra-workout fuel!

13. I had a bad day :( 
There’s literally no better reason than this to put some iron on your back, trust us. Take your mind off of your day and put it in your garage gym. Turn your frown upside down as you put your focus into your lifts.

14. I had a great day!
Is there anything better than coming into the gym with your head held high and a smile on your face, feelin’ good from the day you’ve had? That just means your lift is going to be awesome, too. There’s nothing better than pushing yourself in your workout on an already amazing day.

15. I want to do something with my family or friends… why not get a lift in?
Lifting weights in your garage gym is the Fringe Sport definition of quality time, and it’s much better when you get to spend that time with your pals. We all know that the couple or friends that lift together, stay together.

16. I don’t wanna run… 
Screw running, let’s grow some muscle! Now… hear us out. If you’re ever in the position for a bear or lion or cheetah to attack you, you might’ve done something wrong. But what better than to have the strength to attack it?!

17. I love running, but I want to be strong!
Be strong as a runner, and fast as a lifter. Give yourself both strength and speed by building muscle, and running!

18. One of these days, you might not be able to.
On your deathbed, you’re probably not going to be thinking about how many times you got into your garage gym for a lift, but generally speaking, you’re going to be happier with the amount of days you did get a lift in than the days you spent on the couch. Morbid, but it’s true. If you’re not pushing yourself to grow, you’re staying stagnant and speeding up your mortality process.

19. You can always make it your day to PR.
Why not make it today? A personal record is not likely to happen every day, but it will happen some days as long as you put in the work and the effort (and some sweet Fringe Sport gear helps too). Some days, you just need to kick it in gear and go after it!

20. Start your day off strong.
Is it the morning? Do you have some time before you’ve got to face your day? Face the day after a lift, and we can guarantee that it’ll be a lot better than if you hadn’t.

21. Finish your day off strong
Is it the evening, and the end of your day? Get your mind right after a long day, and get your lift in. You might be surprised at how much you can let go of and get off your mind with a good, hard lift in the evening.

22. Because it’s freakin’ fun!
Lifting and getting your workout in, in your very own garage gym nonetheless, is hard, but it’s fun, and so rewarding! You get a good workout in, your blood moving, you get your pump on, and you look and feel good too.

At Fringe Sport, we help improve lives through strength, and you can improve your own through strength in your garage gym. Thanks for joining us, Fringe Fam, in the fight against gravity and for using your Fringe Sport gear to fight your own battles from your garage gym.

Did we miss something? There are so many reasons to get a lift done in your garage gym today, so leave your reason in the comments if we missed it. Why did you lift today? Tell us below!

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