I lift 55 (pound bumper plates)

Why to Lift the 55LB Bumper Plates

Introducing the 55 pound bumper plate from OneFitWonder

Okay, this one we're really excited about. We've sold hundreds of tons of OneFitWonder bumper plates. They're the best bumpers on the market, with the best reviews (written by real customers), and backed up with the best warranty on the market to prove it.

Ricky Redus lifting the 55 pound onefitwonder bumper plates over his head

Now, after 6 months of development, we're launching the OneFitWonder 55 pound bumper plate! It's the most durable, heaviest bumper we offer, and it's thinner than "everyone else's" 45 pound plates!

This means:

  • More weight on the bar
  • Fewer change plates
  • More GAINZ

So check them out... and we only have a few on hand from our first shipment!

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