Want To Know How Our Bumper Plates Are Made?

Ever wonder how the best reviewed, most durable bumper plates are manufactured?

I shot some video in Qingdao China, showing how we manufacture our OneFitWonder bumper plates:

How bumper plates are made

It all starts with virgin rubber. We choose the best raw materials to go into the bumper plates. Virgin rubber is best because we can control the consistency of the material. This is important because we have strict durometer requirements for our bumpers.

Our 10/15 pound bumper plates have a durometer of 90 shA, while our 25/35/45/55 bumper plates have a durometer of 85 shA. 

Different sizes (weights) of bumper plates actually have different stresses upon them- love we change the durometer (hardness) based on the thickness. Thinner bumpers need a more rigid form for durability, while the thicker plates need a bit less hardness/rigidity.

The virgin rubber also allows us to better predict the weight and manufacture a higher quality bumper.

virgin rubber for bumper plates

The rubber is processed until smooth, then cut into large donut-shaped discs. These discs are weighed and loaded onto the molds.

The molds are placed on a machine and the machine heats and compresses the molds, forming the bumpers.

Once the bumper plates are done, they are removed from the molds (careful, they are really hot!) and then cooled, weighed and inspected, and then they are off to packing!

Bumper plates stacked for packing

Make sure to check out the finished bumper plates!

Any questions?



  • Melinda

    Your bumper plates are fabulous – love mine. One of my clients is reacting to the fumes they give off, though. Any advice on how best to get rid of the fumey smell in the contained room I keep them in?

  • Peter Keller

    Jonathan, can you email me? I’d love to follow up on your GREAT comments and feedback- peter@fringesport.com . Thanks!

  • Jonathan

    I have a full set of OFW bumper plates and they are great. My biggest issue is how ugly the designs are on the side. Granted I am a designer so I want all things to look nice and the lack of good design on these doesn’t impact how well they work, they just really lack in appearance, especially compared to what I see other CrossFit suppliers doing. Also, why the sub brand OFW for your products and not Fringe?

  • Mario

    I would love to see these plates in kilos

  • Rob

    Big fan of the plates and your work Peter. Keep it up.

    -Rob from Maryland

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