Deflecting the Vaughn Barbell to 1000 kilograms... and it's still straight!

After throwing our barbell and bumpers off the roof, we had a lot of questions of which type of barbell we used. Well we used the Vaughn Barbell and this is the reason why! 

I was reviewing some old footage I shot in Taichung when I was developing the Vaughn Barbell for Vaughn Weightlifting, and I found this great clip.

When I was talking with Chad and Jodi Vaughn about the Vaughn Barbell, a huge concern was getting the very best steel for the barbell. And then I had to find a factory to use that steel and form it into the best barbell for olympic weightlifting.

Torture testing the shaft of the Vaughn Barbell


I found factories in the US, Europe, China, and finally Taiwan. In Taiwan is where I found a unique combination of great steel, superior factories modeled on the Japanese kanban production philosophy, and best of all, great pricing that we could pass through to our customers.

The barbell shaft in the video above is just a prototype, but this video shows a key leap forward in our development process for the barbell

And of course, you can find the full Vaughn Weightlifting line here.

Any questions?

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