How To Get More Members In Your CrossFit Gym: Guest Post by Deacon Bradley

Although we live in the same city, I first met Deacon Bradley on reddit. He quickly impressed me as a person who knows his stuff when it comes to customer acquisition, and even better, he specializes in helping gyms get more members.

After meeting him in person and talking about boxes with him, he impressed me as the real deal. As someone who wants to help outfit boxes with equipment it's important to remember, "If we build it, they will come," is not always the answer. He runs a business implementing this stuff- and it's surprisingly reasonable. If you like what you read, hit him up at AutoBox.

Enter Deacon


I couldn't believe it. Here's a gym in the heart of Washington DC and we more then tripled their inbound leads overnight.

This gym wasn't on the front page of Google search results. They weren't paying for ads. There wasn't anything unique about this gym's setup.

Except for one thing.

We built them a "Lead Factory" on their website to help them turn their casual website visitors into warm bodies in their gym.

It's time to level up your business game

Here's the deal: the game has changed for boxes. It's no longer enough to get your website link from HQ, host a free WOD on Saturday, and wait for people to pour in.

That's called "hope marketing," and the movement is officially too grown up to rely on it anymore.

It's time to pull out all the stops and strategically implement tools to help you find and keep more members for your gym (or another gym will).

And the best place to start is by putting a Lead Factory on your website.

How to build a Lead Factory

A Lead Factory is simply this: a set of webpages and links architected to guide visitors to a web form, and then capture their contact information.

 A "Squeeze Page": this is the heart of the Lead Factory system. It's a concise, crystal clear web page to collect contact information of people who want to try out your gym.

"You'll feel the difference after just one workout. Come experience it for yourself and find out what all the hype is about."
Then a form to enter their name, email, and phone number.

"Calls to Action" across your site: Now that you have a great squeeze page to capture interested website visitors information it's time to get more people to visit that page.

And we do that with "calls to action," which is basically a fancy word for links and buttons.

Your first call-to-action should be front and center on the home page. "Come try us out!" and then a big shiny button to your squeeze page with details about what happens next and a form to sign up.

You should also place calls to action on your About page, your blog sidebar, your Schedule page, and on your Coaches page. Anyone taking the time to read these pages is interested in your business, so invite them to come try you out!

Follow-up: Now that you have the contact information of people who want to come try you out your job is simple - help them take the next step (and respond as quickly as reasonably possible).

Tell them what to expect at their first workout, what to wear, and where to park. Let your personality and your genuine enthusiasm for fitness and helping clients show through.

I recommend using a well written copy / paste email template for the first response so you don't even have to think (and you can delegate it if you want to).

The difference between your gym and all the others

With these three simple steps you've positioned your gym above all the others in the area. Your calls to action create a well lit path to the next step for visitors. Your squeeze page builds trust in your brand and removes the uncertainty that keeps people from coming to try you out. And your personal follow up takes the relationship beyond a simple web page.

Your contact list will grow quickly.

Now all you have to do is provide awesome service.

*I've only scratched the surface of the Lead Factory system. Check out my free five-part video course with all the details to help you create a Lead Factory for your business.*

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