Proving The Durability Of Our OneFitWonder Bumper Plates


FringeSport was born to supply our customers with smart, reliable, and ingenuitive gear. From the very start our goal was to make a better bumper plate.

We knew our line of bumper plates needed to be able to serve and withstand the abuse of big box affiliates, while still catering to the needs of a garage gymer. From our OneFitWonder 10lb bumper plates to our 55’s, the design implemented in their making insures the durability that we’re so proud of and what you need.

We love bumper plates, we love trying to break bumper plates, and we love that ours have held up to even some of the most ridiculous in house-tests.


From the interior center mold and rebar that locks on rock solid to the center ring, to the diameter differentiation between our One Fit Wonder 10lb bumpers compared to the rest of our line, every aspect of the making of our bumpers has been carefully examined and put in place with purpose.

We are extremely pleased that we haven’t been able to find a bumper plate that can out last ours in the gym, and we’re excited to continue to develop and produce the best line of bumpers in the world.

Check out founder and CEO Peter K. go over how our One Fit Wonder bumpers are made and why they outmatch every other bumper we’ve come across!

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  • Kristin Flannelly

    Agree! We have about all the brands on the market and 1FitWonder by far is the best bumper plate we have seen. Takes some pretty good abuse and still looks newer that all the rest.


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