Quick Fix for Tight Lats and Shoulders

“CrossFit Shoulder” as it has come to be known, seems to run rampant in our community. Between all the pull-ups, overhead squats, snatches, KB-Swings and every other full body functional movement, our shoulders get tight, out of position, and sore.

The problem is that once we do get into some shoulder pain, it seems like it just won’t go away. Rest days help a little, but aren’t a complete fix, and most times even with an “injured” shoulder most of us say “screw it” and jump in on Fran way before we should.

Luckily, the mobility world has seen the craziness that we do and provided some very simple and fairly quick solutions.

Using a OneFitWonder Strength Band, Vaughn Weightlifting Mobility Coach Adam White takes us through a squick Lat opener to improve the shoulder position before training.


Orion Hones
Orion Hones


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