5 Fun and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

5 Fun and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight


Weight problems have become a serious issue on the global level. Many countries started working on programs that would help their population fight this vicious condition. Between years 1980 and 2015, the numbers show that 107.7 million children and 603.7 million adults were obese. This data is based on the Global Burden of Disease study and involved 195 countries.

However, in the past decade, the trends have changed drastically and people are taking more care of themselves. One of the reasons may be the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, from food to activity, while other warnings from healthcare institutions include increased cases of cardiovascular diseases, cancers and muscular disorders. 

Losing weight thus became more than just about appearance, and people of all ages started doing some sort of activity, whether at the gym or outside. Additionally, people all around the world became aware of what they eat and reading labels on food packages has become a normal thing today. So, if you are on the mission to lose weight, here are some healthy and fun ways to do it.

Visit your doctor

Before you engage in any activities, go to your doctor and do a thorough medical check. Some weight gain can be connected to hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, and other underlying medical conditions. Finding out if they are the cause will get you on the appropriate plan which can also help you lose weight faster and healthier.

In case you have certain cardiovascular problems, musculoskeletal conditions or chronic health issues, your doctor will give you some advice on how to proceed. Not all exercises may be appropriate for you and you might have to adjust some of them to your medical conditions.

Mind your diet

Diet in combination with physical activity will give you excellent results. The point is not to starve yourself but to eat properly and in right amounts. Also, what is probably for the best, is to consult with your nutritionist and to change your eating habits according to their advice.

Additionally, if you want to tone your body and start losing weight, you will have to adjust the ratio of protein, fat, and carbs when you start your training. Start eating whole grain carbs, fiber and eliminate sugars from your diet. There are many tasty meals made with vegetables and fish which are full of nutrients.

Since you will need protein, eat fat-free meat and prepare it in a healthy way. Use olive oil, flaxseed oil, and other monounsaturated fats while removing processed foods from your diet completely. Instead of snacking on chips, cut some celery sticks and munch on them during snack time.

Use supplements

Supplements are vitamins and minerals which our bodies need in order to work properly. Even though there are a great amount of nutrients already in the food we eat, unfortunately, their amounts are insufficient or we can't absorb them through food. Your doctor will give you advice on appropriate supplements, but the ones that everyone need are omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular health. 

In addition, magnesium and calcium are good for bones and muscles, while vitamin D will keep your immune system in check. Of course, you can check the levels of the important vitamins and minerals through blood analysis, just to avoid taking supplements you shouldn’t.

Hit the gym

When it comes to our looks, we are all insecure even if it doesn’t appear so. Overweight people usually avoid the gym because they are too self-conscious about their looks. They believe that everyone is looking at them and so they’d rather do nothing than feel ashamed.

But the truth is that nobody is looking at them nor cares what they look like. People going to the gym have one common factor and that is exercising, while everything else is an excuse to avoid exercising.

Hitting the gym will help you learn about the exercises and how to do them correctly for maximum effect. With some help from your trainer, you will start turning fat into muscle and feel more and more confident. So, don’t avoid the gym in the beginning and if you feel insecure, go with a friend or listen to music while exercising. After few sessions, you will forget about everyone else and concentrate on yourself.

Choose active holidays

The newest trend when planning to travel somewhere is to choose the active holidays, so instead of just sunbathing on the beach, you can go on hiking tours or try water sports you never did before. For example, if you go to Bali for turquoise waters, try some kayaking and have fun while burning calories.

When in the Land of Down Under, go to Tasmania for a hike in the Bay of Fires, or get a bicycle from the Australia bike shop and go on a cycling tour along the Western coast. On the other hand, traveling to Caribbean Islands can be a unique opportunity for some scuba diving and surfing. 

Some countries even include an active holiday in their offer by highlighting the activities you can do besides the usual ones. This diverse offer is the reason why many people choose a certain country since it also allows them to experience as much of it as they can.

Every beginning is hard, especially the one which will considerably change your lifestyle. However, don’t succumb to the difficulty, but rather concentrate on the results. If it will make it easier for you, create a list of things that you expect to accomplish and cross out the ones you achieve.

Also, don't compare yourself to the others and do your weight loss regime at the pace that will give you the most results. When it gets tough, just remind yourself that it was harder to make the first step and start exercising, and let that motivate you to keep on going.


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