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 Kettlebells from OneFitWonder - OFW Kettlebell

FringeSport recently picked up a new line of kettlebells- the OneFitWonder kettlebells. We've have a bit of time to sell these 'bells and collect customer feedback, plus we've lifted on them a lot! We thought we'd use this chance to review the kettlebells. One note- OneFitWonder is FringeSport's gear brand.

In short

The new standard- our favorite kettlebells at FringeSport.

The pros:

  • Well proportioned kettlebells- nice and round for less wrist/forearm pain
  • Great thickness to the handles- wide enough for two-arm movements (swings), but perfect for single arm movements too
  • Durable hammertone finish- more durable than most finishes out there, and holds chalk well
  • Bottoms ground flat- no rocking
  • One-piece construction with no seam under the handle
  • Clearly marked with kilogram and pound sizing

The cons:

  • People with very large hands may want a wider handle
  • Currently available in limited sizes

The OneFitWonder Kettlebell review

There are a lot of kettlebell options out there these days- at a lot of different price points. OneFitWonder kettlebells are a relatively new entrant to the kettlebell market, but there are designed by me, Peter Keller. I have owned all major brands of kettlebell and I have been kettlebelling for 7 years, and selling kettlebells for 2 years. In this time, I've been able to notice and observe what I like about kettlebells, as well as get a lot of customer feedback one what our customers (who comprise all skill levels) like in kettlebells.

So, when I got the chance to design my own kettlebells, I tried to balance a few considerations:

  • Newbie kettlebellers vs. old-schoolers
  • WODders vs. kettlebellers
  • Dual arm movements vs. single-arm
  • Sizing conventions- (kilograms/poods) vs pounds

The OneFitWonder kettlebells are the result of the above considerations, and I think they are close to ideal for fitness kettlebells.

The OneFitWonder Kettlebell video review

This has been Peter from FringeSport. Got questions? Tweet me up @petekeller, or call us at Fringe at 512.201.4404.

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  • Neal Scheider

    I would like to know if your kettlebells meet the rules for Kettlebell competitions in regards to weight and handle size?
    Thank you!

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