Thank You To Our Veterans

We Thank You!
We are so grateful for everything our military personnel has done for us, and want to show you that we appreciate and honor you for your service.

Please call, email, or chat  our customer service department to get your order placed and to receive 10% military discount (Originally 5%) for our Veterans who have served. 
This special offer will end on 11/18/15
*Concept 2 rowers will not be included in offer

From all of us at 

Don't Forget FREE Shipping on EVERYTHING!


  • Kimberly

    I was looking for the military discount code!

    Thank u!

  • Glenn Helwig

    I’m a veteran and a fireman. Do you still offer the 10% discount?

  • Andrew Murray

    I just recently made a purchase this past week. Is there any way that I can receive the 10% off on my order and receive money back or use the money I would have saved on another one of your products?

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